It’s Quiet Out There…Too Quiet

It’s one of my favorite corny lines from old time TV. The intrepid guide is creeping through the jungle and suddenly the drums stop thumping. Or the cowboys creep through the wild west and the chanting in the nearby village stops. “It’s quiet out there. Too quiet” Then all hell breaks loose.

I haven’t heard anything from the Neighborhood Commission about what happens now that the elections are over.

The new neighborhood Board members start July 1 and I’m a little concerned that last minute training programs or other events will be tough to synchronize with my schedule for the balance of this month and early July. So today I emailed the Commission:

I was elected in the 11-1 as a new NB member. I was wondering if there are any orientation sessions, training, meet -n -greet or other briefings planned for new members prior to the July 1 commencement of their term? Please let me know so I can get my schedule set up. Mahalo!
Kind regards,
Tom McLaughlin

Let’s see what happens. I want to be as prepared as possible and will certainly adjust  to make sure I attend any session that is sponsored for the noobs like me. For now, it’s quiet out there. Too quiet.

All comments are welcome, so speak! Speak! Good dog.

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