Here’s How It Begins

I received in the mail today a letter from the Executive Secretary of the Neighborhood Commission Office an invitation to the NB installation ceremony scheduled for June 29 at the University of Hawaii Campus Center Ballroom. The invitation included the opportunity to attend an orientation session that same day plus a workshop on the Sunshine Law.

That all sounds pretty good to me and I’ll RSVP “yes” to all three activities. Besides there is coffee, doughnuts and other light refreshments in the offing and I never turn away from chow!

Fortunately, the dress code is “aloha attire” so I don’t need to dig out the funeral suit. You know that suit. The one that only comes out when you need to head to Hosoi. The one that doesn’t fit well (and never did) and has the dust along the top shoulder seams. The one that requires you put on the hard, pinchy shoes. Yeah, that one. Well, forget that, I’ll break out the old Reyn Spooner instead.

On the other hand, I will have to cough up $6 for my parking expense but I’ll consider that a small investment in figuring out how all this stuff works.

All comments are welcome, so speak! Speak! Good dog.

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