Sorry for My Absence!

Well, I guessed my indolence killed the blog. Except it never came to life in the first place. Let’s try again.

Thing is, after planning this blog as a narrative of my experiences on the Neighborhood Board I found out that the Hawaii State Sunshine Laws are quirky with respect to social media and while a blog with no readers is almost never in violation of sunshine law, with my luck I’d get two new followers and they’d turn out to be fellow Board members thus running afoul of the law.

So now comes Plan B which is to write about the neighborhood, not from the perspective of a Neighborhood Board member but as a resident and innocent bystander and observer staying away from topics that might become Board issues. Can it be done? I think so.

For example, Max and I were out and about on Kaheka Street and there was toilet discarded on the grass strip between a condo and the curb. Fine looking specimen, perhaps an American Standard and we Yanks indeed set the standard, except for those hi-tech Japanese toilets like Toto that provide all the amenities. But I digress.

Max saw Tom Crapper’s masterpiece and immediately went to investigate; who knows what his little sensitive nose was picking up. While he rooted around the device I happened to look over my shoulder at an approaching stranger who was making big time eye contact and trying to repress laughter.

As the guy gets up to me he says, “Eh bradda, sorry fo’ laugh at you but back deres I wen spock you lookin’ at da toilet but I neva see da dog so I wen t’ink you was goin’ take one, you knows,  da kine dump, right hea on Kaheka street. Ho, I wuz glad fo’ see dat dog.”

That got me to laughing too and made the morning poo-walk with Max a fun time in the K Streets.


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