Maxie’s Park

Sunday is dog day. We take the Malt out for exercise in the big open lawn areas defined by Honolulu Hale, Kalanimoku , The Early Education Center and the Fasi Municipal  Building. The area above the Fasi garage is especially nice for a small dog to run off leash. Few people come there on Sundays and those that do are usually dog owners although there is a sprinkling of homeless folks from time to time.

We call this area “Maxie’s Park” and our pooch has learned the name well. Just say those two words in his presence and his caboose starts to wiggle, he begins to bounce and run back and forth and even vocalizes with a series of throat sounds – not barks or whines but like he’s trying to talk.

As condo dwellers we cherish the precious places where we can take our little canine to play. We make sure to clean up scrupulously including any leftovers from others. We keep a low profile too so as to not draw attention to what is probably a prohibited practice.

I noticed that the new “Collection” condo that A&B will erect at the old CompUSA site will feature a dog park and dog wash area for residents. How nice! With the new construction and increased density in Kaka’ako it’s great to see this amenity added to a new buildings. Park areas are limited and restricted in Kaka’ako so it will be up to the developers to help accommodate pet owners if the new properties are pet friendly.

For now we will keep enjoying Maxie’s Park and will be good citizens in the hope we can come back again and again.

Max X

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