Better to Be Lucky Than Good

Funny story.

A couple of days ago, a resident at our condo sent a note saying she had heard that I was a member of the neighborhood board.

She went on to state that she had concerns about a growing number of “vagrants” that were hanging around the condo including laying on the ramp in the parking garage. (Possible Darwin Award contender.)

She requested I that I present her concerns at the next NB meeting which happened to be the same evening and I agreed to do so.

So I did. That’s my job – to represent the concerns of the residents in Sub-district 1.

Here’s the funny part. Unbeknownst to me, the City had scheduled a massive sweep of the homeless from the In-Ha Park area on King Street for the next morning. By early morning the sidewalks were clear of “vagrants,” the area was clean and trimmed and there were no homeless on the streets.

So that morning I am downstairs and the lady who had raised the concerns comes by, looks at me and with something approaching awe in her voice says, “Wow. You’re good.”


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