Dogs in Dress-Up

Oh my, it’s November. Please insert the geezerly cliché of your choice.

Dog Hallo 3


In Hawaii the transition of seasons is subtle if not completely invisible. The local TV weather heads’ tagline is “it’s the best weather on the planet!” and they are not wrong. Dog walking in autumn is largely indistinguishable from dog walking in spring or winter. Summer is marginally hotter.

In Honolulu, Halloween is pretty much the same as Easter from a weather perspective and the holiday is diminished, I think, by a lack of crisp fall air, the color of falling leaves and other cues of seasons in transition. On balance I like perpetual summer but the lack of distinct seasons bothers a lot of transplants to the islands, at least for a while.

Dog Ewok

Max would never sit still for this.

Living in a condo with restricted entry means that we miss out on Halloween trick or treating. I lament not seeing the kidlets all dressed up and bubbling over with excitement. Wild-eyed little berserkers cresting on a sugar rush. No kid visitors but we did receive a couple of photo cards from fellow pet lovers showing their dogs dressed in costumes. A Chihuahua in a pink fright wig is not quite the same thing.

Looking around the intertubes there are plenty of dogs in Halloween costumes and the originality of many entries is simply amazing. The Chicago Tribune has a great gallery of decorated pets and I’ve posted a couple of my favorites.

Cat Halloween

Presented without comment.

Did you dress up your animal for Halloween? Send me a photo and I’ll put it in the blog.

In the meantime, forgive me for this cat photo which is very wrong on so many levels.

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  1. Oh goodness…that link! I got to the three musketeers and started to wonder how long it would take my pack to tear the costumes from each other even if I’d managed to insert them into anything in the first place…

    Loved the cat picture…..


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