Blog Carnival for November 28!

Welcome to the November 28, 2013 edition of “dogs dogs dogs”!

For our USA writers and readers, Happy Thanksgiving and please accept a big slice of virtual pumpkin pie from Max and me! Whipped cream on top.

Thanks so much for participating, I am honored to receive your submissions and as for Max, he would be overwhelmed too except he is in a turkey coma at the moment.

OK, enough mumbling. Here are the newest posts in the latest Blog Carnival! They are great!

Tom & Max

Melanie Brown presents Running with Riley posted at Strides in Style.

Janel Comeau presents Why You Should Never, Ever Leave a Dog Alone With a Roll of Toilet Paper posted at Janel Comeau, saying, “This is what happened when I turned my back on my dogs for just five minutes. Photos of the toilet paper disaster are included!”

Vanessa presents What We're Up To… › Log In posted at What We’re Up To…, saying, “Holidays with your dogs!”

That concludes this edition. Submit your blog article to the next edition of
dogs dogs dogs using our carnival submission form.

There is a brief description of next month’s theme under the Blog Carnival tab at the top of this page.

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All comments are welcome, so speak! Speak! Good dog.

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