Max Before & After

Nanako Biz

The Beauty Salon for Doggies

Today Max got his Christmas haircut from Miss Nanako at the Beauty Salon for Doggies. It could not have come any sooner; he was getting rather shaggy although truth to tell, I kind of like my little guy when he’s furry.

We dropped him off and then went to see “Philomena”, a very well acted, funny and touching film that we both enjoyed mightily. Dame Judi Dench’s portrayal of Philomena was flat out astonishing, but I digress.


The furball on his way to a grooming.

Nanako-san is well known for her Japanese-style grooming of little dogs. She loves to weave feathers into the pups’ ear hair, add color and otherwise take frou-frou dogs to a new height of frou. To date I have always resisted her gentle efforts to convince me that Max will be no less manly if he sports a bright little ribbon in his fur.

This time around, in true Japanese Alpha Female (JAF) style, she didn’t bother to ask about possible pooch enhancements; she just added a couple of bows in Max’s ears.

She must have seen my look as I came to pick him up. She calmly stared me down, turned to my spouse, a fellow JAF and said in their native tongue, “Your husband should be happy. The bows are blue, not pink.”

My wife replied, “He likes them very much.”

I started to add, “I’m standing right here and you know I understand what you both are saying” but many years of painfully gained experience held my wayward tongue at the last minute. So I pulled out the wallet, paid the tab and tipped handsomely, thus marginally justifying my otherwise worthless existence.

Xmas Max

The bows, I just don’t know about the bows.

So here are before and after photos of Maxwell, all dolled up for Christmas.

Which look do you like?

I still can’t quite accept the bows and dread tomorrow morning’s walk around town and the overt abuse (and covert sympathy) I will gather from the other guys walking dogs within the K Streets.

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  1. Thank you so much for the visit and the like for the post about my little Maltese. Max is one handsome dude–bows and all. We waited several years before having Muffin’s ears trimmed up short like Max’s and I have to wonder what took me so long. And yes, he looks so much more like a Max than a Sam. Such a cutie! Thanks, again.


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