Prince Charming Update

Prince Charming’s human sent me a note advising that the Dogfather was not deaf.

Like me, his age is causing a gradual drop in aural acuity. Like me, there may be a certain selectivity regarding who and what we hear and when.

Dinner call – yes, I can hear you! Instructions to act our age and behave – huh, what?

In any event the note was accompanied by some recent photos of Prince Charming that are worth sharing. Here’s more Prince for you to enjoy:

We start with the Dogfather enjoying a fine Cuban cigar that looks suspiciously like a jerky treat.

 It was Barzini all along.

It was Barzini all along.


Clearly Prince is not deaf. He’s probably just a little hard of hearing from having the Bose cranked up too high for too long.

Fat bottom dogs they make the rocking world go round.

Fat bottom dogs they make the rocking world go round.

All things considered, Prince is a quite active for his age and when presented the opportunity will run free across the vast and verdant Hawaii prairie lands like the Tatonka of yore.

Prince photo 1

I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. With my giant dirty left paw.

And finally, our tribute to Max’s good buddy ends with a glamour shot.  Say the following in a deep, resonant voice just like in a movie trailer: “In a world where dogs were meek and mild and easily intimidated, one dog stood above the rest. They called him…the  “Dogfather.”

Prince photo 4

Out standing in his field.

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    • Radio Gaga! Clever! Great tune and the video has some terrific imagery even beyond furry, fabulous Freddy. For those whose dull and deprived lives never included some Queen, here is a link to Radio Gaga:


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