Last night Max and I were ambling along Ke’eaumoku Street, trading wisecracks and sass as good buddies often do. We had pretty much agreed that hedgehogs would have a better reputation if they shared the hedge a little more. But I digress.

We noticed a new food emporium had opened. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you,  Itchy Butt Chicken and Joy.

Notice the chicken on the sign is scratching his rear while giving the "shaka" (hang loose) symbol.

Notice the chicken, whose expression is not joyful, is scratching his rear end while giving the “shaka” (hang loose) symbol 

Now, your first thought might be that asking for takeout from a location named Itchy Butt is dancing with the devil, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

But you might be wrong.

Although Itchy Butt is a recent arrival on the K Streets culinary scene,  it has already garnered a 5-star Yelp review.

OK, it is also the only review so there’s a fair chance it was written by the owner or a close relation:

So freakin’ good! Finger-lickin’ ono licious garlic chicken!! Crispy yet tender on the inside. A little sweet, but not like candy, with nice crispy bits of garlic within every bite.

This is what comes out of an Itchy Butt.

This is what comes out of an Itchy Butt. Credit to the brave Yelper who was #1.

That sounds like something the owner of the fledgling Itchy Butt chain of fine, joyful restaurants might author, doesn’t it?

So freakin’ good!

We checked out the restaurant and could not locate any Joy but the two young ladies slinging fried chicken seemed happy in their work so we assumed the Joy was somewhere nearby.

For pooches with itchy butts.

For pooches with itchy butts.

Not to suggest a meme or anything but a couple blocks further down the street we noticed a dog grooming business called The Itchy Pooch Salon.

The opportunities for co-marketing seem obvious.

“Is your Itchy Pooch licking his Itchy Butt? We have a solution for that – chicken and joy.

By then both Max and I felt like our skin was crawling so we turned our toes toward home, anticipating  a good and thorough scratching.

That’s when we saw the most startling sign of the evening:



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  1. Might be kind of fun to ask the chicken slinging ladies how in the heck they came up with that name. Might be best, also, to not mention the pet salon lest they take offense and put waaaay too much garlic in your chicken.


    • If anything, Helen it’s even worse when seen in full size, glowing in the evening sky. It is a truly appalling chicken. Usually when I find these strange spots I am curious to try the food but I think Max and I will take a pass on Itchy Butt.


    • It’s called “The Price of Paradise”. There is even a book by that name. I can tell you horror stories about prices here. The good news is we don’t drive long distances; all around the island is about 110 miles and we only need summer clothes.


      • I guess that’s a good point. My state is nearly 270, 000 square miles and has two time zones and my commute to work used to be 30 miles each way. Texas doesn’t look as paradisey either. Do you have Lowe’s and Home Depot? Because every time I watch HouseHunters Hawaii, they say the houses are fully furnished since it’s hard to get new furniture.


        • Honolulu is actually the 12th largest city in the US so we have all the expected big box stuff except Ikea. Plenty of furniture stores, the usual US chains and Asian specialty furniture, too like bamboo, teak and rattan. So it’s easy to get all the furniture you want but it hurts to open the wallet that wide.

          PS: our heating bills are low, too. 🙂


          • You are Mister Brittanica tonight. I’m learning. 12th largest? Man, I don’t know anything about Hawaii. But seriously, aren’t you glad I learned about that surfer guy who was the sheriff? I should get props for sharing his biography with other uninformed folks. Throw me a bone, dog.


          • Yup, you get mad props for the Duke Kahanamoku post – he’s a beloved figure here! I should have noted that those House Hunter shows usually are filmed on one of the islands other than Oahu. Depending on the island, you could have challenges finding a good selection of stuff like furniture. Chances are you would buy in Honolulu and would ship by barge to your island.


  2. The whole “itchy” marketing idea seems bizarre if nothing else. Kudos to you and Max for at least being brave enough to check out. I feel for ya on the gas thing (think that’s why scooters and bikes are so popular)! Gas was high when I was on the Big Island in May. But like everything else, there are some lovely trade offs for living in that paradise. 🙂


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