Couch Thief

Max claimed the love seat as his territory.
Max claimed the love seat as his territory.

We added a new love seat in the living room.

It was in the condo for less than 3 minutes before it was claimed.

Since then he refuses to share. Pushy, spoiled little dog.



It's mine, all mine.
It’s mine, all mine.

19 thoughts on “Couch Thief

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        1. It’s especially challenging when moving from a curled up position to wanting to stretch out and you find the pup has occupied the only available foot space. And then you spend the rest of the night curled like a question mark so as not to disturb the dog’s beauty sleep..


    1. I see the Universal Dog Collective has successfully exercised it’s mind control program and brainwashed you with the propaganda of cute. They are hard to resist but I warn you – it’s simply a plot to expand their take over of the all good places to nap!


    1. I give up. It’s clear the dogs have succeeded in convincing the human race that they are the superior species. The few remaining humans like me who oppose them….wait….what’s that…I can’t..I won’t…arghhhh…..All Hail the Mighty Canine!


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