Doggie Photo App

Have you seen the new app called “BarkCam?”

Now here is an example of technology at its finest. BarkCam is an iPhone app that, according to a story in the LA Times, “helps people take pictures of mischievous dogs who’d rather frolic around than pose for a picture.”

The Times story goes on to say, “Before the photo is snapped, the app emits one of several sounds that should get a dog’s ears to perk up and pay attention in the right direction. Meows and squeaky toy sounds are other options.”

This sounds great! Max is a master at turning his head just as a photo is snapped. He delights in being photogenic until the moment of truth when he suddenly has to look away, lick his butt or start scratching his ear.

Perhaps they have a sound of a can of dog food being opened, a cookie treat being snapped into pieces or a burger sizzling on the grill, all of which are sounds that would attract the Malt’s attention.

Their website is funny. It has testimonials like the ones shown below:

With product endorsements like these, how can you resist buying this app?

With product endorsements like these, how can you resist buying this app?

There are also dog photos to which you can attach mustaches, glasses, a pipe and other accessories. Who says we waste time on the internet? It’s not all cat pictures and porn, dontcha know?

You know you want to play with this. Admit it.

You know you want to play with this. Admit it.

The website admits a fondness for “self-defecating humor” that you do not need to take on walkies. For example, they have a blog section with stories like: “Everything You Need To Know About the Beyonce & Jay-Z Rumors as Told By Puppies” accompanied with completely unrelated videos that ask questions like “Should Shar-Peis Consider Botox?”

Dog literally ROTFLMAO.

Full disclosure: I don’t get squat from these guys but if their business zooms because of this post I’m willing to negotiate. I can make up some ads for the condo elevators.


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  1. this would be so great….if I had an iphone. I have more pictures of Parker with the blurry head because she poses nice and then….squirrel! That poor little ROFLMAO dog…he looks like a turtle, doesn’t he?


    • Don’t feel bad, I don’t have a smartphone of any type. I still have a dumb phone – even Verizon sends me notes asking if I like living in a previous decade. But the app makes sense. I use a little pocket camera to snap photos for the blog and guaranteed that any shot of Max has to be taken 5 times because of the head bob and weave.

      The little dog (what is he – a French bulldog maybe?) cracks me up, He seems so happy just rolling along.


  2. Thank you for sharing bc OMG This app would be awesome! I will be downloading BarkCam.

    In case you don’t want to download the app. a trick u may try to get Max to look at the camera, when your ready to snap the picture start buzzing like a bee. It works every time with Bella. Oh and of course delicious homemade dog treats helps keep her focused too. I’ve had Bella since she was 5 weeks old so I had the privilege of training her early on to take pictures early on new dog mom obsession trying to capture every moment. But I struggle sooooo much with my mom’s two chihuahua mixes to get a good picture I swear they have doggy adhd,

    Oh and I agree if BarkCam blows up b/c of your post you should negotiate something with them! $$$ u sold me on barkcam!

    xo Gina & Bella


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