Kiku Update

Good news! Max’s favorite little Yorkie companion enjoyed great success at her first dog show.

This ;little weiner is a big winner! Congratulations to Kiku-chan.

Congratulations to Kiku-chan!

Here are the results in Kiku’s Mom’s own words:

On August 16 and 17, she won Winners Bitch (bitch is a good word in dog-ese) over her older “sister” and another girl, for 2 points each day, resulting in 4 points toward her goal of winning 15 points to become an AKC champion.

I’m glad she included that part about “bitch” being a good word among the dog set as my experience with that noun (and verb for that matter) has been less than stellar.

Apparently to many, I am the son of one.  On the admittedly rare occasion that the word has slipped twixt my lips it has inevitably resulted in my being judged a contumely oaf. Oh well, I’ll stop bitching about it.

Congratulations to Kiku-chan and good luck in her future competitions!

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  1. She’s a gorgeous little lady….and from what I remember of Yorkies well capable of eating her way through two pitbulls without distuyrbing her ribbons. The small dog motto seems to be…the bigger they are the easier it is to get underneath them and bite them where it matters…


    • Good to see that you are back among those whom WordPress allows to post comments. You were missed. I think your small dog motto is spot on. They really embody huge personalities, and attitudes, in their compact, furry frames.


  2. Well, I was going to bitch about the ‘like’ button not being there. It says it’s loading….whatever. Deduct 2 points for me for a bad attitude. Kiku is so cute and I’m glad she did well for her first time out.


    • Ahh, there is much to bitch about WordPress…ask Helen up above you…you’ll get an earful.

      I, too, hope the little pooch does well and becomes world famous. Such a cute little doggie face.


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