Meet Stuart Little

We all call him "Stu" but his formal name is Stuart Little.

We all call him “Stu” but his formal name is Stuart Little.

Say good morning to Mr. Stuart Little, one of Max’s best friends in the K Streets.

Stuart is a 10 year-old Pomeranian- Dachshund mix, a fluffy little guy who has the calmest personality I’ve ever seen.

He’s very laid back, a cool character who doesn’t much engage in dog play or the usual chase me – chase you antics of the K Street canines.

We’ve never heard Stu bark. He’s not intimidated by big dogs at all. He likes people but doesn’t fawn over them.

Basically, Stuart is a self-contained and reserved Fluff Pup. A dog of dignity, if of limited physical stature.

Stuart's harness practically disappears into his always fluffy coat.

Stuart’s harness practically disappears into his always fluffy coat.

Mr. Little is a gentleman pooch who likes to hang out in the condo lobby and greet other pups as they depart for neighborhood strolls. He’s also tri-lingual: English, Japanese and, well, Dog of course.

Stu’s a picky eater and will often decline a dog treat that would have Max slobbering on the furniture.

For reasons probably best left unexplored, Max likes to try and hump Stuart. This is confusing and mildly disturbing to all of us since Stuart is intact and male and Max is neutered and male.

Stuart doesn’t really object to Max’s advances. He just waddles off. As I said, this is one laid back Pupsicle.

The ineffective canine mounting ritual is probably some form of dominance behavior although Max is so mild mannered, even timid, that he cannot dominate  a stuffed squeak toy.

Max added for scale. Stu's really little!

Max added for scale. Stu’s really little!

Maybe Max is just jealous that Stuart swings and sways as he walks, if you know what I mean and I think you do.

I picture Stuart asking Max in dog language, “How they hanging, Max?” and Max just lowering his head and shuffling away muttering under his dog breath, “Laugh now. But I’ll hump you tomorrow in the condo lobby in front of everyone.”

When making his morning constitutional and afternoon rounds, Stu circles the block once, never less and never more. His tiny legs are not built for long distance exploration of the urban scene within the K Streets.

Max likes to venture further afield which leads us to occasional discoveries of the unique and unusual.

It's visions like this that will keep you off the beer and burritos for a while.

It’s visions like this that will keep you away from the all-you-can-eat beer and burritos buffet for a while.

Take for example, this cartoon character from a local children’s store. It’s hard to know what to make of this guy.

Is he perhaps a rabbit-pig plumber who has been hitting the No-Doz a little too hard?

I’m not sure what he is but the shop next door, an Asian video exchange, suggests that the answer to this and all other questions may be “Unfair”.

There’s a certain Zen-like accuracy to that statement.

What was the question? Never mind, the answer is "Unfair".

What was the question? Never mind, the answer is “Unfair”.

Every time I see this poster I pronounce the title in the whiniest, most grating and nasal voice I can manage, usually in the format “but…but…but…it’s so…Unfair!”

Folks look at me like I am insane but it feels so good to get my whine on.

Max doesn’t dwell on these things. He maintains his focus on the prize, which today is in the form of fish treats from his favorite person in all the K Streets – Uncle Fish!


Uncle Fish now requires Max to perform tricks to earn his treats. Max has no problem with this exchange.

Uncle Fish now requires Max to perform tricks to earn his treats. Max has no problem with this exchange.

10 replies

  1. I’m always amused/entertained/curious by those male dogs that try to dominate other male dogs. Sam is the same way at times and he’s as docile as a cotton-ball. Happy weekend in paradise. Now if WordPress only had an emoticon in the shape of a palm tree. Life is just so “un-faaaaaaairrrr.” 🙂


    • Thanks for the weekend wishes. We have the Blue Angels flying at Hickam-Pearl Harbor so we’ll be out there for awhile. Max will be at home – a small angry dog dreaming of revenge no doubt.


  2. I enjoyed your post. I had a laugh at your reference to the rabbit-pig plumber. We bought a 2 year old border collie-cross King Charles Cavalier Spaniel recently who had been living out on a farm. I’m Australian. Anyway, she’s very cuddly and just lies on your lap but on a walk the other day she found a dead rabbit on the road and it was pretty fresh. She took it down to the beach and ate the thing in front of me. I’m still in shock. The irony is that her name is Lady and as much as I don’t believe in being lady-like, this sort of behavior was definitely a contradiction. I’ve written a few posts about my dogs and their antics largely at the beach/waterfront.


    • I’ve never seen a Border Collie – Cavalier cross but Lady is a gorgeous pup and I look forward to reading many more stories about her antics and rabbit depredations. Thanks for coming here and visiting our silly little dog blog! Aloha.


    • Yup, Stu’s a nifty pup. Your Nelly is real sweetie pie and of course a malt will always expect to be treated as boss dog. Sophie and Theo are high on the cute meter too. You have a great blog with terrific photos that I enjoy mightily.


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