I’ll Have That Over Easy, Please

Max and I went out early in the hopes of finding a nice spot for breakfast. The Pagoda Floating Restaurant offered some appealing options.

Hard to decide which one would be best. Maybe the low calories option...

Hard to decide which one would be best. Maybe the low calorie option…

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  1. LOL, you continue to crack me up. Personally, a Long Board would do quite nicely, but only if served with toast…”dry white toast” [as spoken in that Aretha Franklin voice from Blues Brothers]. Happy weekend. 😉


    • I’d like to deny that I ever had a beer for breakfast but that would be such a whopper of a lie that I would risk getting thumped by cruel karma. So I limit my rebuttal in that I don’t think I ever drank Budweiser products for breakfast. A man and dog have to have some standards, however low. Have a good weekend.


  2. Despite being an Australian and as we know Australians love their beer, I’ve never seen a dog drink beer. However, a few years back we were down in Tasmania where my husband is from and met Priscilla the beer drinking pig at a pub called The Pub in the Paddock. It’s in a small “town” called Pyengana. I’ve paste a link in below.
    Recently, a friend was shouting me lunch at Barrenjoey House at Palm Beach, which is a rather prestigious establishment and burst into hysterics when I see Pyengana Cheese featuring on the menu. Very boutique, of course. Immediately, I remember Priscilla the beer drinking pig who is just up the road from the cheese factory. My mother-in-law used to travel over the mountain in her Datsun 200B to buy cheese in bulk from that cheese factory. Not very Palm Beach.


    • Too funny – I think I could like the The Pub in the Paddock. Slops the pig looked like he was no stranger to a bottle of beer, he had a grin on his face. I’ve met some beer drinking dogs. We’ve offered Max beer and he’ll lick a few drops off a finger but then he curls his lips and makes what we call “beer face” as he rejects any more.


    • Just happened across a headline from a website that specializes in capturing Australia’s more unusual news.

      The headline reads: “Pig in Australia Steals 18 Beers From Campers, Gets Drunk, Fights Cow.”

      I like to read that headline while humming “Advance Australia Fair”. 🙂


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