Not Max

This how Malts should behave at bath time.

This is how Malts should behave at bath time.

It’s not Max but it’s how I wish Max would handle bath time.

This photo has been circulating the ‘net. I can’t find the original source for attribution.

A more realistic version of Malt-in-the-Tub was posted earlier. Check here.



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    • What’s this? I am showing a comment from Costa Rica? You’re back home from Spain? There must have been dog dances of delight and howls of happiness from the Allsorts and Alsatian! The ruminants probably never noticed your absence.


      • Made it on Monday night…only to find the ‘phone lines down…tree on line after heavy rain. Still…it’s all u p and running again.

        The Alsatian kept coming into the bedroom to check that his memory wasn’t playing tricks….the others quickly morphed from delight and wagging tails into reproachful expressions and clustering round the fridge….and the lamb follows Leo everywhere and bleats at the slightest noise he makes. He also celebrated by butting Danilo into the flooded ditch behind the chicken pens…


        • That lamb aggressiveness can be solved with an oven at 450 degrees and some rosemary and garlic. You need not carry through…just the threat of the kitchen should be enough to get him to back off.


          • He doesn’t seem to grasp the idea that we may go away again at some point leaving him in Danilo’s care….and I have a feeling that his reaction to a heated oven would be to butt it into the stratosphere, singed wool or no singed wool.


    • It does look a lot like Max but on the other hand all Malts pretty much look alike to anyone other than their owners. But it’s not Max, just a random internet photo of an anonymous Maltese that made me grin.


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