Here We Go Again, Maybe

Once again there is a storm bearing down on the Malt. It’s too soon to assess whether Tropical Storm Ana, soon to be a hurricane, will be a problem or not. The local lore is that late season hurricanes are the dangerous ones. Our hurricane season ends October 31st.

Well, I better run out and replenish my supply of beer and Akadama Plum Wine in the typhoon fifth.

The projected storm track does not look promising but these things change frequently and the storms wander all over the place.

The projected storm track does not look promising but these things change frequently and the storms wander all over the place.

Big red blobs on the ocean are worth watching closely. You don't want to get caught low on beer.

Big red blobs on the ocean are worth watching closely. You don’t want to get caught low on adult libations.




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  1. Isn’t that the truth about late season hurricanes. We figure if we make it past October, November should be a cakewalk. This is unusual for HI though, isn’t –two in one season? Please feel free to respond after the beer run…


    • You are right – while Hurricane Iselle in August caused mucho grief for parts of the Big Island, it’s been a long time since we had a big storm hit us across a larger part of the whole state. It has been so dog gone hot this summer and fall and these storms breed easily, usually just west of Mexico. Fortunately we are a tiny dot in the middle of a big pond so most storms just whiz past or die out before they get this far.


    • Our newspaper headline today: “New estimate projects lava reaching Pahoa’s outskirts Nov. 1”

      Pahoa is the little town on the island of Hawaii that is most threatened by our ever so slow moving flow. The folks there are getting nervous and prepping for whatever happens. At least they have plenty of warning. I sure hope they don’t have to deal with a hurricane, too. That’s enough to send them past the beer aisle and straight to the calvados.

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      • Hurricanes and lava are making our usual threat the summer bush fires seem relatively benign. We have had a few nasty fires near us but we live near the beach and a fair way from the bush and basically the whole suburb would have to go up. The bushfires in Victoria and South Australia are deadly are very, very nasty. Hope you guys are all spared .


  2. Not to sound glib, but a 50 miles long ‘chile pepper’ does sound dangerous and beer threatening. All glibness aside, I’ll be thinking of you and hoping it’s not as bad as the forecast suggests. Be well and safe. 🙂 Fingers and paws crossed as well for the folks dealing with the double whammy-active volcano and hurricane.

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    • Thanks for your kind thoughts. Nobody knows what this one will do, the various storm tracks could take it just about anywhere. The good news is that it is staying relatively small, but the bad news is that a slow moving storm over very warm water can build quickly. The current “best guess” is that the storm will pass as a Category 1 hurricane just south of the island and deliver a lot of rain and winds around 70-75 mph. Not great but much better than what it could be, but only time will tell. The storm will likely hit Malt-land on Sunday. We’ll see.


  3. Either way, you have a justifiable cause for drinking the beer. After all, there is all that stress about what might happen that can really build an insatiable thirst.


    • Well, truth to tell, I never really needed much of an excuse to drink beer. The existence of oxygen or the rising of the sun sufficed. (This comment typed while sipping a nice Kirin beer.)


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