Crossed Paws

With every report things are looking more positive as Tropical Storm Ana fails, so far,  to grow into a hurricane and starts to veer west of the islands. Can’t be too comfy yet as these are unpredictable beasts. For now, we’ll keep our paws crossed.

Here’s an interesting graphic that was published in today’s Civil Beat that shows the tracks of the major storms since 1949 in the Hawaii area. The last really big one was Hurricane Iniki in 1992 that hit Kauai hard. I remember it well because it put a major hurt on my Dad’s house on the Garden Island.

They can come at you from any direction. Fortunately, most miss.

They can come at you from any direction. Fortunately, most miss.

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  1. My first impressions looking at that map was that you’re living underneath a veritable hurricane flight path and it was time to exacuate somewhere safe like Kansas. However, not quite so back when you take the dates into consideration. Hope it all turns out to be a false alarm. Best wishes,Rowena


  2. They are unpredictable beasts, aren’t they? A month and a half and Gulf Coast Hurricane Season is history. Paws crossed Ana stays only (and I use the word loosely) a tropical storm. Hugs to Max.


    • It managed to hit hurricane levels but looks to [pass 150 – 200 miles south which is far enough away to leave us with big surf, lots of rain and moderate but not destructive winds.


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