Kiku-chan & The Latvian Connection

"My first birthday and I already feel like I'm 7 years old."

“My first birthday and I already feel like I’m 7 years old.”

Quick update on our favorite little Yorkie, Miss Kiku.

You’ll remember from our last post that Kiku-chan had just embarked on her professional career in the cut throat world of dog shows. The Octagon. Thunderdome.

It takes 15 points to achieve champion status and as of this writing, the little furball has captured 10 points putting her 66.666666% of the way to her goal.

This is the time when the going gets tough because other competitive breeders bring out the long knives and connive ways to game the system by limiting the head to head competitions and showings needed to get those elusive last few points. Good luck, Kiku!

How can you resist that face?

How can you resist that face?

More fun is the news that Kiku just celebrated her first birthday on October 28th. Her many friends nearly crashed Facebook with photo postings of the day.

These photos were taken by Kiku-chan’s Mom at our condo.

The red jeweled bow in her hair came from Latvia just like Mikhail Barishnikov.

Now for your mandatory dose of culture. Today’s lessons, kids, are about the tiny nation of Latvia.

Fancy bows for a  pretty lady Fluff. Mom spares no expense.

Fancy bows for a pretty lady Fluff. Mom spares no expense.

Latvia is called “the singing nation”. It is unusual to find a Latvian who has not sung in a choir or some other group at some point in their life.

When dining in Latvia, napkins should be left on the table and not put in your lap.

Latvians are slow to pay compliments and may become suspicious of compliments offered too readily and without sufficient reason.

Had enough? OK.

One last item: aside from jeweled dog ornaments, Latvia is also known for its Annual Grass Mowing Contest. You think I’m joking, right? Go ahead and give it a click:

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    • You know very well my position on Max wearing dog bows, Lois….don’t open that can of worms again! Miss Nanako at the Beauty Salon for Doggies is just itching to get another bow on him and will strike like a rattler at any opportunity so…hush! Max is due for a hair cut next week so I have to be extra vigilant.

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  1. Is it disturbing that I covet her hairstyle? I think I would look really pretty with that, bow included. I couldn’t fake a smile that well, but…I’m not 666 the way to my goal. Maybe I read that number wrong. I’m going to go call my father-in-law and see if he is part Latvian. He seems to have one of those traits in spades.

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    • Heh. When I wrote that 66.6% number I just knew that somebody would convert it to 666 and comment. I almost took it out and then I was going to make the comment myself and then I decided to just leave it out there knowing a quick witted reader would jump on it.

      I think we can identify the Latvians by all the crumbs they have in their laps.

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  2. Whoa, that’s a serious grass mowing video! Little Miss Kiku is adorbs. Best of luck to her as she moves toward that last 33.33%. And for the record, I’m with you on bows in boy-dog do’s. Just seems like a gigantic waste of good ribbons, etc. When our old groomer used to do it to Sam, I’d have that sucker ripped out by the time we reached the parking lot. Thankfully the new groomer is more ‘enlightened’ and only adorns Sam with a bandana.


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