Dogs at McDonalds

The video link in the re-blog I posted earlier just refused to co-operate so I deleted the post and, instead, linked the video directly from YouTube.

It’s such a funny little scene of two dogs enjoying a vanilla cone at McDonalds. Max loves Mickey D cones, so much so that we have a term – “Cone Face” – to describe his look when he munches that tasty, crispy ice cream handling device called a cone.

Anyway, sorry for the multiple re-blogs but this one made me laugh out loud and I hope you enjoy it.

(Aside to Kyla, I’m sorry I lost your comment when I edited this but the blank video screen was driving me crazy.)

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  1. Reblogged this on beyondtheflow and commented:
    I had to share this clip with you. It’s hilarious and reminds me of when my daughter organised a bone hunt for our two dogs in the backyard. While Lady was still eating her first bone, Bilbo had devoured 5 bones and had no concept of fair. xx Rowena


  2. I saw the parody of this with two men and that was cute, too. I don’t like Daisy from the get-go, even if Cooper doesn’t know how to share. Isn’t ice cream bad for dogs? Isn’t McDonald’s bad for everyone?


    • Max sure loves his cone but he only gets a little because he gets my leftovers and I don’t leave much left over. Surely a Texas lady like yourself must have a sweet spot for beef. If not, there’s always McRib. I can say, with authority, that McDonalds french fries are one the major food groups.

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  3. OMD! I wasn’t expecting THAT to go down like that! Thanks for making my day-that was just brilliant-course now I have to explain to everyone around my desk while I’m laughing out loud and wiping up coffee drips snorted all over the computer screen-that was just BOL (bark out loud) funny! 🙂


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