Aerial Pooches



Julia Christe is an accomplished German photographer who has shown her works all across Europe and North America.

She lives and works in Berlin.

I recently came across a recent collection of her work that focuses on flying dogs.

Or perhaps dogs tossed into the air or dropped from heights.

Anyway, aerial dogs out of their natural element.



I admire the photography even as I wonder if the pups were perhaps stressed unduly.

There’s a little too much “whale eye,” in the pics; the expression dogs get when subjected to unpleasant stimuli.

Strange forms and expressions. Some funny and some bothersome, but certainly unique.

If you’d like to see the rest of the image gallery, visit Christe’s website.

If the images disturb you, go yell at her, not me.

Here’s a photo I took of Max in the style of Julia Christe. You have to use your imagination. Pretend you don’t see the guy in the back.

Don't drop me.

Don’t drop me.

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  1. Let dogs take pics of aerial photographers…I’ll drop the photographer from a great height and the Alsatian can press the camera trigger as she heads for the blanket below held ready by the shorter legged members of the canine oligarchy that runs this household.

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  2. I like the idea of dogs being dropped; it’s like the opposite of a cat’s 9 lives. You can call it “one life.” Mayhaps Max is dancing, doing the “white man’s overbite” except it’s the “white dog’s overbite.”

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    • Around the innertubes there’s a fair measure of outrage and scorn being expressed but, hey, the innertubes would complain about cake if given the chance. You’re right about Max, though, he has no fear at all about anything we do with him. He’s a trusting little guy who, at worst, will groan loudly when he doesn’t approve of what’s happening.


  3. I had a good look at her website and tried to find out how the photos were taken and expecting to find some kind of explanation about how the dogs were handled but had trouble clicking through on the site. I do a lot of photography and I could see that if you had a strong fan blowing while the dog was lying on its back, you could get some similar shots. Thinking about the fan though, our dogs hate the sound of the vacuum cleaner and fans do make some noise. Our dog Lady can jump 3-4 metres up or down and become quite airborne without encouragement but I would like to know how they were taken. They are absolutely hilarious but…

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    • I didn’t think of the fan idea but you are right, Rowena, that would create the sense of movement without hurling the dog off a cliff. Don’t even whisper the word “vacuum” around Max, in his opinion it’s the household tool of Satan.


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