How Does Your Dog Rank?


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I found this chart to be an intriguing presentation of complex data, ranking dogs by their public popularity and according to a variety of other attributes such as longevity, cost of ownership, health, intelligence and more.

What do you think? Is your pooch was properly positioned? I’ll take a flyer and assume bulldog owners wont agree with the rankings.

Max fits in the middle of the frou-frou class, equal to the Shih Tzu and Pomeranian, a tad behind the Poodle and the Bitchin’ Frizzy (or Bichon Frise if you are bi-lingual.)

Our dear friends Kyla and Stuart are…where are the Scotties?….oh my, there you are, way back in the middle.

If you find graphic depictions of data to be interesting, as I do, I commend you to the website of the creator of this chart, David McCandless. If you visit, click on any of the images on his home page and when that image comes up, there is usually an option to expand to the full size version of the data presentation.

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  1. These human ratings are stupid. Who are the dumbest dogs? Why, it’s someone like Miley Cyrus or most politicians. With some humans, you can’t comprehend the stupidity and they think dogs are stupid.

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    • I believe it signifies that your whippet has a keen fashion sense. I note, too, that the whippet faces left whereas most other canines face right which I interpret as an indication that your whippet is an independent thinker, not a follower of crowds. Clearly a Welsh Whippet or “WW” if you prefer. Probably likes Tom Jones and Shirley Basset songs, too. 🙂

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  2. I don’t think I’m on there, but I’m sure he’d put me way over on the left somewhere! But that’s ok because I’m not the right dog for a lot of people.
    It is annoying to see Border Collies being given such a high rating – lots of them end up in rescue because they are not easy dogs, they need lots of activity and exercise.
    I find most of these lists annoying – the perfect dog for one family is someone else’s nightmare!

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    • I agree…of the most wonderful things about dogs is the diversity within the species, exemplified perfectly by Max and Clowie who actually look a bit alike except for scale. I once took a photo of Max as a puppy standing on the back of Simba, a Great Pyrenees from Utah. I wish I could find that file because it looks like the Malt shrank, maybe from a hot water bath.

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  3. I’ve had a GSD and family dogs were boxers and ridgeback, all ‘inexplicably over-rated.’ Have to say both the ridgie and GSD were super intelligent, no ailments, and the ridgie was short-haired so little grooming. I’ve had a Labrador, I suppose they have always been popular. I’ve had a cross setter/spaniel/ lab which would probably fall in the middle and I’ve got a cross GSD/husky mix and a Podenco (equivalent to pharoah hound). Both gorgeous dogs, the cross moults all the time, the Podenco is too intelligent, and when he’s awake he is absolutely hyper. Not an easy dog unless you are prepared to spend a lot of time on them.

    I’d have like to have seen a statistical analysis to back up the positioning, but basically, we all like different types of dogs for lots of reasons whether appearance, intelligence, energy, calm temperament etc, so there’s always going to be some subjectivity in it.

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    • Apparently McCandless’ book provides the full data set and analytics but I’m not interested enough to cough up the price. I love the breed name “Pharaoh Hound.” If I had one I’d name him “Ramses” and then I’d get another dog to name “Moses” and we’d put on annual skits.

      (OK for all you obsessive historical accuracy freaks, I’ll name the Pharaoh hound “Thutmose II” since that’s the dude who was likely boss during Exodus, although Ramses sounds better.)


  4. So where is the Costa Rican King Charles Corgi, then?

    Looks like The Tatler chart showing whether you are old/new money old/new city, old/new country or any combination of same and the appropriately coloured labrador for your category.
    Being TheTatler it is not interested in people with no money who just like dogs…

    My husband would ideally like the dogs he saw in his youth in Belgium, guarding farms…swarms of hairy things with short legs, lots of teeth on display and a total dedication to destruction of any alien life form…

    Don’t see any of those on the chart either…

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    • Yeah, what is that all about? I guess I have to buy this guy’s book to find out. It could be a secret sign placed there by the Evil Cat Conspiracy. The Feline Illuminati symbol. Now I’m worried.


    • I agree with Kyla (see upstream) that most dog rankings, charts and such are baloney because we all know the very best dogs are our dogs whatever breed or mix they may be. What intrigued me on this chart was the integration of breed popularity with data rankings for specific attributes. In other words, some dogs are way more popular than the sum of their features. In Hawaii the tiny breeds will always score high because so many of us condo dwellers live in little spaces.

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  5. Bilbo our Border Collie says the results are a true and accurate reflection of his status as a “Wonder Dog”. This why I don’t associate with other dogs…aside from the new arrival, that is.
    However, dogs are like children. Yours is unequivably the best. The one and only.
    Our Bilbo is fairly well adjusted even though he doesn’t get a lot of exercise. His only real vice is being obsessed with tennis balls but he could be worse on that front.
    He has asked me not to raise the subject on weight…
    xx Rowena


  6. Well, Jack Henry is properly miffed as his breed appears to not be visible at all! As for Pharaoh Hounds, I had the pleasure of meeting one this summer, and yes, they are truly overlooked Treasures (as is Jack Henry of course, and Hubble, yes.) Had a GSD who was, truly one of the best dogs I have ever owned-(shhh . . . Jack Henry and Hubble did not hear that!)


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