Favorite Positions

At 3 pounds this was cute. At 15 pounds it's a workout.

At 3 pounds this was cute. At 15 pounds it’s a workout.

When we first got Max he was so tiny that I could carry him in the palm of my hand.

He got used to that position and even though he is much larger he is comfortable sitting in my hand although he does not allow anyone else to hold him that way.

Quite the view. It makes you want to grab it in two hands and scruff that butt, doesn't it?

He’s all about the bass, ’bout the bass, no treble.

Much of the time when Max lounges around the condo we don’t see his face. For example, if I am sitting on my easy chair with my legs up, I am usually treated to a view of dog butt. Max can sleep in this position for a long time but, then again, so can I. We call this “football watching position.”

It's my couch. All mine. We can share if you have some dog treats.

It’s my couch. All mine. We can share if you have some dog treats.

Sometimes he prefers to drape himself across the love seat in a position of wanton abandonment. Sometimes he simply stretches on the carpet and slips away to a world where he chases rabbits.

Thanks to his hard work, the carpet has remained in position on the floor.

Thanks to his hard work, the carpet has remained in position on the floor.

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  1. I would love to see a photo of Max in your hand. Irresistible!
    Until his hips started stiffening up this year, all 40 kilos of Bilbo would clamber up onto my lap. He still gets up occasionally but it’s becoming more difficult. In the past, I’ve had two kids on my lap reading a book and 40 kilos of furry dog and no doubt a tail in my face. Now, that’s really living!

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    • We took so many puppy photos but were very poor at organizing them on the old computer we owned at the time. I took the hard drive from the old clunker when we got rid of it and maybe that’s where the photo resides. In coming days I’ll slave the drive to my current system and prowl through it/ I’d like to have that shot back, too.

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      • Organising photos…It’s always been a hassle but digital photography and the ease of taking photos has made it impossible. I do the photography for my kids’ school and have thousands of images. I now need to fish out the photos of my own kids and delete the rest.it’ll be a massive task.


  2. You know I don’t laugh out loud, but I did at your bass/treble caption. That last picture is similar to my dogs at every moment during the day, save the early morning collapse on the Martha Stewart outdoor pillows. I glance out on the lawn, and there they lay sprawled as if victims of recent cardiac arrest, and I’m always certain they’ve perished, so seriously dead do they appear. If I were laid out like that, I’d be dead. But nope, just doggie repose. A perfectly good doghouse filled with hay, and they choose the dirt.

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    • Dogs are living proof of Newton’s First Law of Motion: an object that is at rest will stay at rest unless an external force acts upon it. Max goes a step further (Fig Newton’s Law of Motion) and will stay at rest unless food treats are involved.

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  3. You have one hard working dog there, dedicated to keeping wrinkles out of the carpet and warming your knees during the sports programmes…mark you, given the gleam in his eye I don’t think I’d be keen to turf him off that love seat…


  4. Ah, so jealous. The downside to owning a big dog is ‘think’ they’re as lightweight as a Chihuahua but they’re actually a chunk on your lap. Tho Sam is quite svelte, he is still heavy in my lap and especially heavy laying across my legs – bone on bone = no fun. Ironic how they curl up in a small ball on you and then spread out on the floor or furniture. 🙂


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