Kiku Becomes a Champion

I probably should know what the "opposite" thing is all about but I don't have a clue.
I probably should know what the “opposite” thing is all about but I don’t have a clue. I assume “opposite” is good which sounds like an emo song.

Regulars readers of this silly dog blog (“poor lost souls” in the vernacular) will remember that we have been tracking the career of one of Max’s boon companions, a sweet little Yorkie named Kiku.

See here, here and here.

Well, recently we got the great, good news that Kiku, whose name means “Chrysanthemum” in Japanese, has officially become a champion. As Kiku’s proud Mom informs me:

To become a champion, a dog must win 15 points, which must include two “majors”. A major requires defeating a minimum of three other bitches at one show to prove that she prevailed against worthwhile competition.

I’m told that this is exactly the same way that Beyonce rose to fame. But I digress.

Kiku getting poked, prodded, and otherwise examined by folks with armbands. I have dreams about this if I eat too much pizza.
Kiku getting poked, prodded, and otherwise examined by folks with armbands. I have similar dreams if I eat too much pizza but the folks with armbands are wearing bikinis. That may be too much information.

Thing is, little Kiku didn’t just squeak by en route to the precious “CH” designation before her name; she punished the competition, crushing her sister Yorkies who are also prime contenders for championships themselves.

Really threw her weight around.

All several ounces of it.

Max was thrilled to learn of Kiku’s success. However, when informed of the strict dietary rules that must be followed to climb the heights in the world of competitive dog showing, he gasped, “the horror, the horror” and ran under the bed.

The celbratory cake that weighs much more than the dog. And no, sadly, CH Kiku did not get any frosting, not even a little.
The celebratory cake that weighs much more than the dog. And no, sadly, CH Kiku did not get any frosting, not even a little.

Congratulations, Miss K. Well done.

EDIT and UPDATE: As you may have noticed, Kiku’s proud Mom posted in the “comments” an update on the pup’s next career moves and added some photos of her clothing collection.

Thanks for the info, Daisy, and here are some pics from inside the doggie closet of a “CH” fluff.


Handmade dresses, tiny pajamas and other outfits to protect her hair and look cute, too.
Handmade dresses, tiny pajamas and other outfits to protect her hair and look cute, too.



40 thoughts on “Kiku Becomes a Champion

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    1. That would be a good angle. Extortion might work as well. I suppose Proud Mama wants to re-enter Kiku in future Battle Rounds so Kiku could simply hold out for the cake. But a lawyer might help, too.


      1. Kiku’s future plans are to continue in competition to attain a Grand Champion title. To that end she must maintain her svelte waistline (hence no cake) and continue to wear custom-made pajamas to protect her long coat. Kiku and her little sister also have matching green satin dresses for their upcoming visit to Kahala Nui seniors. Not sure how to post pictures of the wee pajamas and dresses

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        1. Aloha Daisy and welcome to the silly dog blog. People: Daisy is Kiku’s Mom so this info is the straight skinny on the pampered pup’s career plans. I’ll edit the post and add the photos of which Daisy speaks.


  1. Dog shows are political. Did you see that they took away the Crufts’ title in the UK from a Scottie? It had nothing to do with the dog, just the way they thought the handler abused her. A Scottie hadn’t won there since 1923. I never heard an interview with the Scot and I doubt that they questioned her. If we animals had human shows (I’ve heard of peep shows), they’d be political also and all won by residents near K-street (no not Honolulu, but DC-they’re so political there).

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    1. I saw some news coverage about Crufts but it mostly about an alleged poisoning and I’m pretty sure the Scottie was not party to the crime. I didn’t hear that the pup was stripped of the title; that seems unfair absent some real evidence.

      We already have human shows: Miss Universe, Honey Boo-Boo and the Real Housewives of New River, for example. We may even have Bird Shows but I don’t know of any.


      1. Touch a Miss Universe candidate and you get the bum’s rush (well, once she gets to contestant status that is), so why should a Scottie get less protection.
        At least the Scottie doesn’t say it wants to travel the world and help children….or wear a swimsuit.

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      2. Speaking of having titles stripped away, last weekend was the Australian grand Prix. Last year, Daniel Riccardo initially won the race but was then disqualified. Sadly, he didn’t make it up on the podium this year either.


  2. I had to laugh at this because humans are like this about their human kids too and it can be very tiring. Our son starts high school next year and will be doing tests and auditions for selective classes at our local school. I don’t know if either of these are right for him but thought there was no harm in trying. The competition for these classes is more fierce that a flashing light sale at the Boxing day sales. Watch out!

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    1. Really? You enter the kids in dog shows? How’s that working out? I kid, I kid…it’s true that whether as human parents or as doggie parents we are always looking for ways to help our loved ones succeed. We go to extraordinary lengths and usually get eye rolls and attitude from both species in return.

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      1. I did a bit of a terrible thing today. I marched into the deputy principal’s office today and spoke to him about my son’s high school application. There ar selective selectives class at the local high for academic and creative arts and he’s applying even though he didn’t do his homework for the last two weeks and only occasionally remembers his guitar. But, the kid is capable. I blame all the stress of my health issues but I went in there and stood up for the boy. Asked for special consideration. I must admit that he drives me mad trying to shift his focus away from Minecraft at times but I had to defend the boy. I do the publicity and photography up at the school so I’m well known.Rather than using that in a bullying way, I use it in a way to have a more open discussion and knock ideas around, which is usual very beneficial…particularly once I start freaking out!!!

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        1. It’s well known that one should never get between a Mom and a Cub. Once the maternal protective instinct is aroused, no one, least of all a school official, is safe from the wrath. Layer, of course, the Mom goes home and berates the kid for starting the whole problem but in the heat of the moment there is no stopping Mama bear so just get out of the way.

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    1. Yup, I like Kiku more. The fabric choice, I believe, is a calculated decision to protect the coat. I think she only wears them when at home alone watching rom-coms on Netflix and nibbling sugar-free, non-fat bonbons. You know, just like me.

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