Weather Diversity

It’s been so doggone hot in Honolulu that we took the poochlet for a haircut at Miss Nanako’s place. Here’s the finished product, in a jaunty, nautical mode.

That tongue is huge.

This must be Max's

This must be Max’s “Blue Period.”

Meanwhile, up on Mauna Kea, it snowed today.

Photo by Keck Observatory and published in the Star Advertiser.

Photo by Keck Observatory and published in the Star Advertiser.

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      • Buddy The Maltese Dog Says:
        I can only image how hot it must be for you Max, I always drink a lot water when it is hot, just take it easy and think of something on my doggy wish list. Thank you, for responding Max, I just love to hearing from.
        Sending lots of hugs from Connecticut, Buddy


  1. I’m glad his stylist didn’t go in for the new Japanese fad for ‘square’ cuts…have you seen the pics? The dogs look like dice on legs…

    Where’s his sailor hat? Or one of those British seaside ones with ‘kiss me quick’ on a ribbon round the crown…round

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  2. Max is looking very stylish and making my two mutts look very rough and tumble and I’m not even going to mention the subject of smell except to say that we bought a new car a few weeks ago and the dogs aren’t allowed inside and the kids are on probation.
    It’s been freezing over here and although it hasn’t snowed here on the coast, it’s been snowing fairly in places that are usually lucky to get a dusting. I also heard that some of these parts have also lost power, which really must be painful and for some, a serious issue.
    xx Rowena

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    • Oh noes…Lady & Bilbo banned from the car on grounds of olfactory assault! Time for the bath, cold weather notwithstanding. Dog smell does not improve with age. Come to think of it, neither does kid smell!

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      • Yes, we are on the cusp of deteriorating kid smell with Mister being 11. The dogs are only banned from the new car but I still take them out in the dogmobile. I’m surprised that car doesn’t wag it’s tail. It needs a very good clean!
        I am wondering what to do about the bath as Bilbo hates hairdryers. He didn’t need a bath at all until Lady turned up now he smells like pungent cheese. Not good!

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        • That’s the clear advantage of a small dog – they can be washed with little muss or fuss in a large sink or tub and towel drying is enough. Plus one can wrestle them into submission if they decide to fight back. Same argument for little kids.

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          • Well said, Tom. The last time I bathed Bilbo, when I left him tied to the clothes line for the shampoos to sink in, he chewed through the lead and triumphantly waltzed into the kitchen still caked in suds.
            I’ve just go back from walking them down at the beach and the rain came down so perhaps that will do the job. That said, rain just seems to make the dog stink more.
            Bilbo managed to pinch not only another dog’s ball at the beach but also his owner. That dog wasn’t much chop at chasing the ball and took off at a gallop down the beach while Bilbo persistently came back for more and had this guy very well-trained.


  3. Too handsome for words! I’m not allowed a haircut until the end of August (it’s officially winter here in Paradise) and all this brushing and blow drying is driving me nuts.

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  4. Hi Tom,
    I haven’t been writing as many dog posts of late but I posted one yesterday, although it’s very sad and something all of us dog parents and lovers fear. We meet up with a group of dogs and humans at the beach most mornings and I generally talk to Ian and his effervescent pup, Spitz. However, yesterday morning, I saw Ian on the beach alone without Spitz and I was baffled. Spitz had died after being poisoned. We think accidentally but not sure yet. So, I have written a bit of a eulogy to Spitz and a tribute to the canine friends who touch our hearts.
    Hope things are going better for you guys over there. Almost Spring here. Bring it on! xx Rowena


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