Max Checks Out the Latest K-Videos

Regular readers, and both of you know who you are, will remember that Max is fascinated with Korean movie posters and their depiction of life and love in the land below Dear Leader.

Today, our morning constitutional took us past our favorite Korean video shop so of course we took a moment to review the latest offerings.

It’s not easy being a Korean in love. Here we have a flick titled “Divorce Lawyer in Love”. The poster shows a spunky lass strangling her beau with his necktie while both grin like a cross between Charles Manson and the Cheshire Cat.

Divorce lawyer

This begs the question of why anyone would pay good money to see a rom-com about a divorce lawyer. I’d rather eat glass but, hey, that’s just me.

Next is a puzzler. “A Girl Who Sees Smells.” I hope for her sake she doesn’t see me too soon after the chipotle deviled eggs. That would be something to see all right. I wonder what other mixed martial senses she can muster? Can she touch sounds? She smells sea shells… whatever.

See Smells

“The Man in the Mask” is facing some relationship problems, too, what with the sleeper hold that the K-chick has lodged on his wind pipe. I don’t know what the question in Korean means but my guess is something like “Can you still breathe? Pity.”

Man in Mask

But nothing is as scary as “Unkind Ladies” and no, I am not referring to some of the blogstresses that visit this silly dog chronicle. These are really mean Mamas. Calling them “unkind” does not do them justice.

Unkind ladies

Concluding that these folks are just a tad strange, Max shakes his little furry white head and wanders along. Just another slice of life in the K Streets. Watch out for the Korean ladies in love.

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    • Fortunately, Buddy, my AJF (Alpha Japanese Female) is not interested in Korean videos so I am spared watching these. But some of her Japan dramas are at least as strange and when it comes to weird game shows, the Japanese are the masters. There may be unusual Maltese dramas too but Max is not saying a mumbling word.

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      • BuddytheMalteseDog, says:
        Max, your’re alright, I applaud you for not mumbling a word. Just remember “we are all human beings no matter who we are.” My suggestion to you Max is to try an take a doggy nap when the weird game shows are on. Keep being good! I look forward to hearing from you soon.


  1. The Korean woman seem to be depicted as enjoying inflicting pain on the menfolk. Or is it just me? I’ll meet you down that street at the cute little boutique for a glass of wine, Max.

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    • Korean women are tough! But they also seem to delight in whupping their menfolk in these videos. It always strikes as discordant to equate romantic comedies (which I think these are) with physical pain for their partners. It’s like a National Geographic special.

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  2. I could swear that Unkind Lady was Faye Dunaway. Maybe she’s in Korea, trying to make a buck. You know, like how Pitt and Clooney go overseas to make cologne commercials and such. Nice work if you can get it. Certainly better than eating glass!

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    • Faye has been off the radar for awhile, like maybe 20 years, so who knows? I’ve seen some unintentionally funny commercials with US movie stars pimping foreign products on overseas TV. I think it was Sylvester Stallone and some kind of beer.

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  3. ‘Divorce lawyer in love’..with what? All the cash she can get from her client while complicating something simple into Jarndyce and Jarndyce?

    And I wondered in the ‘Unkind Ladies’ might be Japanese dog groomers reacting to unappreciative opinions of the square cut style….

    Max would need a visit to Uncle Fish to recover from that lot…

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    • How can one resist Chipping Sodbury and it’s annual Christmas Hog Roast and bi-annual Mop Fair? Birthplace of J.K Rowling! But as to the ferocity of the women in Chipping Sodbury, I defer to your superior knowledge.

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  4. Max! Max! Max! You need to wash your brain out with soap and start watching some real movies. There’s even one made just for you: “Mad Max”. There’s even a new dog friend for you:,d.dGY&psig=AFQjCNElc0RMX2JdKE6dgo52dFTTGydrNg&ust=1439386105524830
    Bilbo and Lady send their love. Somehow the pet shop conned me into buying Bilbo a $16.00 plastic ball with a flashing light so he could see it in the dark. I had wondered about the merits of that when Bilbo already drives us nuts with his ball-chasing obsession. The fact that he can’t find his ball at night is a bonus. Anyway, as I said I got conned. Bought the thing and he has absolutely no interest in it whatsover. For all intensive purposes, it could be a stick. No new fangled techno gadgets for him. He likes his balls green and fuzzy although he will also chase a rubber ball. The kids are having more success with Lady. Hope you are well xx Rowena


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