‘I Thought He Would Die’: Daughter Documents Homeless Dad’s Life

Sometime back I wrote a story about this man and since have wondered many times what happened to him. I feared the worst. This update was very uplifting. My neighbors who read this blog will recognize him.

Here’s a link to my original blog post:


Apologies for not knowing how to better fit the post on to my page.

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Diana is a 30-year-old O'ahu-based photographerDiana Kim was shocked to encounter her father among the homeless population she was documenting in Hawaii. Rather than turn her back on the man she barely knew, she turned her camera on him instead.

Diana is a 30-year-old O’ahu-based photographer whose love of her home, and her craft, were born from her family.

“I grew up on the island of Maui and consider the islands to be home,” said Kim. “My father owned a photography studio at one time, so my earliest introduction to photography was through him.”

But over time, Kim’s parents separated. Her father, she says, became “absent.” Kim spent years bouncing between relatives’ homes, including a few years living in parks, cars, and with friends.

“I always thought of it as ‘roughing it,’ so it didn’t really bother me,” she recalled. “My survival instincts were always strong.”

In 2003, as a student, Kim began a photo…

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    • This guy was really, really in bad shape. I figured he was likely to die on the streets which is a lousy way to go. Obviously significant mental issues. The fact that he had a heart attack and through that got access to the care he needed is a pretty phenomenal outcome. The before/after photos tell quite a story.


    • Few know that Hawaii has the highest proportion of homeless people among the 50 states. It is a huge problem here and the politicians (surprise!) are dithering as to what actions should be taken. The homeless have been pretty well flushed from the tourist areas but this only means they have migrated into other areas.

      It’s great to see a success story where at least one lost soul gets another chance with the meds and other wherewithal to perhaps succeed long term. According to the TV interview, he is actively looking for a job even as we speak.

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      • They’re pushing the homeless from the centre of San Jose too and they are spreading into residential areas where people are not too tolerant of them: the centre was fine – shops close for the night, there’s no one to disturb them. Not enough hostel places provided…same old story.
        A rare case when having a heart attack opened a way back for him.


      • I think there is the thought that if pols ignore the problem, it/the homeless will simply go away. (sorry, I’m woefully behind in reading posts but felt I needed to comment after the fact). This post really touched me and tugged at my heart. Thank you for sharing the story and the outcome. Out of darkness came a ray of sunshine for both father and daughter. ❤


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