Reluctant Maltese

Max is a creature who likes his comforts and will resist any initiative to get him off his favorite chair.

This is particularly true when it comes to his 10 PM walk. He has mastered the passive part of passive-aggressive behavior.

Submitted as proof of this hypothesis:

No doubt you think the production values rival those of Spielberg. You’re right. Marvin Spielberg that is, the dentist from Poughkeepsie.

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    1. What? Miss Chloe has a little attitude? Not so with Max who I frequently refer to as the “World’s Most Gentle Dog”. Truthfully, he has never, not even once, shown anything but affection to humans. Now, other dogs…well, that is a different story!

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  1. Definitely a Spielberg production! Great video, Tom. That’s if you still call them videos.
    Max and I would get on famously. I know exactly how he feels. Every time I go anywhere near the front door, car keys or even get dressed, the dogs are onto me with great excitement, enthusiasm and puppy dog eyes which engender the guilts. I get that response when I mention a different four letter word: “bath”. Bilbo has a flea allergy at the moment and is needing more baths and he hates it. Yes, this is the same dog who stands out in the rain until he’s soaked but to be fair, he avoids the water at the beach.
    Hope you had a good weekend xx Rowena

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      1. I’ve also been rubbing cortic ointment into his back. The dead skin is flaking off in sheets. My uncle is a dermatologist and recommended the ointment over the cream for me and I thought the same advice would probably apply to the dog. Didn’t tell that to the pharmacist. He now looks like a punk with a tussled, sticking up look. At least he’s been spared the indignity of the bucket so far!


  2. So what part of no didn’t you get, Tom? If I’d have said those words, Sam would have left skid marks for the door (until he realized there was either rain or snow outside then the brakes would have been fully applied). Me thinks you have another career in the wings-nice job with YouTube. 🙂

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    1. Fact is, Monika, I just don’t fully grasp that my position is at the very bottom of the totem pole. Everybody keeps saying NO to me. No walks, no beer, no sitting around and watching football all day. It’s tough life and, yes, you can now break out the world’s smallest violin.

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  3. I may have to go passive aggressive on something, as the envy envelopes me. I am typing from a much inferior chair (throne) than Max has. I am feeling very Third World right now. I hope Max is happy. P.S. I liked his “fainting goat” move.

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  4. Omgosh, that video is adorable! My beloved Scottie, Mr. Scoatz, used to walk ever so casually into his crate whenever we opened the cabinet that held his leash.


  5. Buddy the Maltese dog says Hi Max;
    I understand the language completely. My two favorite things to do are: the first is to rest on top of my pillows and blankets next to my best friend, and the second is keep my grandmother (grands, I call her) company while she has breakfast and takes a nap. She is 100 years old , my mom and I call her our favorite senior. However, I love to give my pops a run for his life when he wants me to do something, that when I try to show him who is the boss! So yes Max I am with you all the way, attitude is good, it builds character. Keep that tail wagging Max,
    Buddy the Malt, and Audrey Tavel


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