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  1. I admit to taking a whack at a machine from time to time, everything from the car to that strange machine in the closet that I’ve heard called a vacuum cleaner but whose purpose is a mystery. But! And it’s a big but…wait a minute, let me rephrase that…those kicks taken at Spot made me cringe and growl. Maybe it’s because the designers have done such a good job of duplicating the gait and timing of its movements but it is easy to identify the robot with a dog and even robot dogs are not be kicked!

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  2. Kick it indeed I say! That is not a dog no matter how it walks.
    Mind you it may be useful in the army for entering dangerous places and dealing with booby traps, but as a pet, no way!

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  3. It would need some sort of face for me to think of it as a big doggy – and a fur coat. I’m sure that the the kick was to demonstrate it’s stabillity. I thought it clever! Would be even more clever if it kicked back.


  4. Those “dogs” are seriously scary and being so close to Halloween, the stuff nightmare are truly made of. I can see Bilbo attacking that thing and dismembering it, or perhaps it would be the other way round. I think Lady would be under my desk.


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