In Memoriam: RIP Prince Charming

Prince photo 4It’s so sad when a dog friend dies. In their passing we are reminded starkly just how important these creatures are in our lives. We think of their boundless good will, their devotion, and their unequivocal acceptance of their owners, however flawed we may be. We’re mindful, too, that their time with us is too short, no matter how long they may live.

All our dogs are good dogs and we have only good things to say about them and fond memories to recall. That’s quite unlike my recollections of old time Irish wakes where, just as Father O’Malley was extolling the many virtues of the deceased, there would come an inebriated voice from the back muttering, “Begorra! The sonna-na-b died owing me $20.” And don’t even get me started on the time my Uncle Pat got so much of the creature in him that while extending his arm to drop some dirt on the casket, fell into my Great Aunt Mary Margaret’s grave.

But I digress.

Pretty much all of us here are dog lovers. So we know all about the Rainbow Bridge, the Will Rogers’ quotes, and the other sayings, stories and sometimes platitudes that are intended as comfort to our human friends when a beloved pet passes. While we appreciate those kind thoughts and warm wishes, we all know that only time mitigates the pain of loss.

In the comments section of the preceding post on this silly dog blog, I got word from a good friend that her much loved shih-tzu Prince Charming passed away at age 15.

Prince always had a special place in our hearts because he held the position of “Dogfather” in the loose affiliation of small dogs and human companions at our previous condo home in Honolulu.Prince photo 1

When he first met Prince, Max was intimidated.

Granted, it doesn’t take much to intimidate Max but in this case he simply would run away as the Dogfather approached.

Prince was a sweetie-pie who sought only to have a sniff and be friends but it took years before Max finally accepted that the plus size shih-tzu was a kind gentleman and not an existential threat.

Later, they became buddies and would take walks together and afterwards sit in the condo lobby, relaxing and waiting for the usual gang of other little fluffs to join the dog party.

I wrote about Prince a few years ago. You can find a couple of stories here and here. I’m saddened to now have to write about his passing.

Good boy, Dogfather. Run in happiness and comfort through green fields as you play and await the day your family is again together.

And to Jackie, Laura and the pup’s many other friends…

Luʻuluʻu ihola hoʻi i ka hala ʻana o kou hoaloha, a na ke aloha e hoʻōla mai i ka ʻeha a hoʻolana aʻe i ka manaʻo.

(The heart mourns the loss of your beloved friend, may love and compassion heal the hurt and uplift the heart.)

Tom, Machi and Max

Prince photo 2

It was Barzini all along.

17 replies

  1. This has made me so sad. I remember reading about The Dogfather in your past posts.
    Our dogs are such an important part of our lives and they give us so much… my heart breaks for your friend.
    I can’t even begin to imagine the day I won’t have Lily and Poppy following me around everywhere. We can only love them and treat them as well as we possibly can while they are with us.
    Give Max a little cuddle for me!
    K x

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  2. I too remember reading the posts about the Dogfather…

    We’ve all been through it – the sheer misery of not having that nose thrust into your hand and all the rest of it.

    I know that after a while we can look back with love on all they gave us, but it takes a time for the sense of loss to diminish. I feel so sorry for your friends.

    Let the crafty little so and so manipulate you for a while…you both know the rules of the game.

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    • Well said and so true. The wee beast never misses the chance to extort a doggie cookie. As you say, we both know the rules and he coldly stares me down should anything about my demeanor even suggest that I might renege on my role as provider of foodstuffs.

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  3. Thank you Tom, Machi and Max for the beautifully written Memoriam to Prince Charming, the Dogfather. It’s taken me three days to write this note as I cried–and laughed–and cried more reading your blog and looking at the pictures of Prince and Max and their condo friends. While I can’t find the words to describe how much I miss him your words captured why I miss him–the 4x daily walks, the hanging out with his furry friends and his Dogfather swagger, the unconditional love and joy, the plus size love from a plus size Shih Tzu…..aloha mai, Jackie

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  4. So sorry to hear the news of your Hawaiian fur-iend (sadly, I’m way late commenting…I’m about 235 posts behind this afternoon still reading stuff from February for which I apologize). That said, I did want to say I’m sorry for the loss of your’s and Max’s buddy. Tender thoughts and sweet memories of this special little Hawaiian pup. RIP Dogfather.


  5. Condolences on the lose of a good friend. We pretend dogs are half human and understand what’s going on, but in this case Max knows his friend is missing. Give Him a hug for me.


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