Deceiving Dogs!

Dogs are sly and not just a little manipulative. We all knew this. Now science proves it.

A new study, published in the journal Animal Cognition, has found pet dogs will deliberately deceive humans in order to get something they want.

Here’s the link to the news article:

Canine deception.

As an example of a deceptive dog, I present this photo of Max blending in with the treat selection at Pet Smart in the fervent hope we won’t notice him tearing open the packages of goodies and scarfing the contents.

Deceptive Dog

“This is not the Malt you are looking for.”




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  1. But by the look of that lead in the photograph you feature – in the terms of the article – as the cooperative owner….
    Blaming Max: shame on you…

    I’m not letting my lot see this photograph however…they will start to demand choice. ‘Sizzlers’…’Chicken for hip and joint support’ …before I know it they will have me braving the airports of the U.S.A. to bring these goodies back…

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        • You look very fetching in orange so I wouldn’t worry about the sartorial implications of smuggling dog treats. But the offer is a real one – if there’s something not readily available that I can get here, just let me know by email and i’ll dispatch it. Fair warning: depending on his recent behavior, the box might also contain a certain muy malo Malt.

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          • Can you imagine the confrontation between Max and The Poodle?
            On second thoughts it might make a Hollywood blockbuster…adorable little dogs (well, Max anyway)…the long journey to meeting up; disappointed expectations: the quarrel – dog treats featuring here good for advertising revenue for the studio – the making up…and climax – puppies!
            We could all retire on the proceeds.
            Go for it!

            Thank you…that’s most kind of you and rest assured that i will take full advantage…you know – once a lawyer, always a lawyer…

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  2. Kyla knew she couldn’t get away with that. What she did was to take her front leg and paw and do a sweep between the bottom shelf and the floor. There’s a little space and she’d find goodies.

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  3. I hate to believe dogs are like cats in any way. Perhaps my smart female tries to manipulate me (she howls as soon as dinner is over, as though she is starving) but my dumb male couldn’t possibly. Now you’ve got me wondering!

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    • Everyone knows cats are far more devious. They are plotters and schemers and hold grudges. Dogs may be deceptive but I think they are basically goofy while cats are crafty. But that’s just my opinion.

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    • It’s not enough that they have finagled us into feeding them, housing, providing medical care, grooming and even picking up their poo. Now, they are scheming to get an even better deal. Truly they are the dominant species and they do it all with that big, stupid grinning look on their faces.

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  4. This is news?
    Dogs, like other animals have forced people to house them feed them, run after them since time began. The article has only just discovered this…?

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    • In fairness, the study authors are associated with the Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies at the University of Zurich in Switzerland. Swiss dogs are known to be far more reserved, even gruff and very, very, very secretive.

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  5. Snicker! At least he has good taste. Oh and that package of Merricks lung…I think if you will check, you’ll see the main ingredient is ‘dog crack.’ My guys go completely nuts for it and I can’t even take them down that isle at Petco.
    P.S. Sam says thanks for promoting the Colorado Naturals. The state board of marketing is very pleased too. 😉

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    • Max is simply an indiscriminate eater. Everything he sees looks tasty and all the treats in the world would be one fewer than he really wants. But sly? Oh yeah. In fact, to the FuzzButt, the question “What the heck are you eating?” is interpreted as “Eat faster!!!”

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  6. Great photo of Max at the pet shop. We loved it.
    Bilbo has until recently been a very good dog. However, Lady has taught him some of her bad tricks. I caught him with a packet of chips in his mouth heading out to the backyard. I had a cleaner here at the time and it was quite funny seeing him trot past. Sprung!


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