Goon Butts


Seems a little harsh to call the cute kid a goon.

The AJF and I were at our favorite Japanese grocery store. As she spent a large portion of our children’s’ inheritance on products that all seemed to consist of soy sauce, miso, mirin and sugar, I wandered the aisles and discovered this fine product.

Fair to say I am outraged about naming baby diapers Goons. Or maybe naming babies Goons. Anyway, this is clearly disparaging to actual goons like me and must stop.  I think I’ll form a class with other goons and sue for a gazillion and a half dollars.

Goon good

Turns out they sell these on Amazon so I guess a lot of people know about Goons.

They got a 5-star rating although on closer inspection there was only one review. Praise was faint with noted Papua New Guinea customer Kirill Krattli stating Goons were indeed “good.” He probably meant as a polishing cloth.


Meanwhile, there was sale going on for Kuro Butt.

Hard to get good Kuro Butt.


Three bucks off of sliced butt. Hard to resist.

Lots on inferior Butt available. You got your flat Butt, round Butt, Honey Butt (start of my usual excuse and/or apology) and the ever popular Pain-in-the-Butt but Kuro Butt is a rare find; it’s usually behind everything else or on the bottom or cracked. snork, snork

(Explanation: it’s a typo and should read “buta” which means pork or pig. “Kuro” in Japanese means black. Hence the product name is kurobuta which is to pork as Kobe beef is to cow meat; in other words, among the best you can get.)

The more you know…


A kurobuta in pre-bacon condition.

PS: Max is fine. He skipped the shopping trip, preferring to grab a power nap. Here’s a “dog tax” for making a drive by post. It’s Max patiently waiting on his pad at his favorite doggy-friendly restaurant.


“Sheesh, ignored on my own blog.”




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  1. “They got a 5-star rating although on closer inspection there was only one review.” – That made me laugh, it’s happened to me – not with Goons though!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amazon has some really funny reviews. There are even websites that specialize in finding the bet of the best. I like the notion that a five star review is qualified with a single word “good”. Tough audience.


  2. Ah the ‘Goons’ the UK’s greatest radio comedy show of the 50’s.
    The name came from a cartoon and POWs during the war who called German guards ‘Goons.’
    Of course the BBC execs of the time asked ‘Waht is this ‘Go on’ show?
    I’m with the dog when shopping with a woman!


  3. Perhaps if I was eating “kuro butt”, “my butt would look good in these jeans”.
    Where can I get this stuff locally? It’s worth a try.
    xx Ro


  4. Why is it that I associate Papua New Guinea with heads rather than tails…or butts…?
    As to Goons – thanks to Tynecastle and your good self – I now have visions of German troops in coal scuttle helmets and nappies…
    I think I should take to drink as the results might be less bizarre than the world of blogging.
    Max is looking good…if a trifle impatient, waiting for the kuro butt to arrive, cooked to his exacting requirements.


  5. Whenever I shop at my local asian market, I almost always walk out with crossed eyes and hope I guessed right on the jar of something interesting looking that’s at the bottom of my bag. Which reminds me, I’m out of pickled ginger! 🙂 Ear scratches to the long suffering Malt.


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