Booty Failure

You’ll remember Max had a paw problem that required medications and wearing booties for a week.

Some have inquired how the Fluff’s feet have been doing.

I believe “abject failure” best describes the outcome of the booty experiment.

So, Max had to return to the Vet today; his paws were worse than ever.

Max w bandages 2

Not happy.

The latest attempt at a cure to the mystery paw problem involves cutting the hair out between his foot pads, shaving the paws, applying medicine and then bandaging all four of them.

The Malt is not pleased even though they gave him some jaunty lavender socks to wear over his bandages.

He must wear the bandages for five days and then we’ll reassess progress.

The Pupper has already perfected his portrayal of a canine martyr. The AJF is buying into his performance and is cooing over him and supplying all sorts of goodies and lovies.

He knows better than to try that on me.

Max w bandages 1.jpg

Look at that face. You know he will be scamming the AJF to maximize the treats.

Having paid the Vet bill, I am looking into “gofundme” options and personal defibrillators.

On the upside, the Vet has now promised to name her first born after me in gratitude.

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    • Exactly! But, truth to tell, his feet are really hurting him. It’s pitiful to watch him shamble along. The Docs think it’s just allergies-gone-wild in this very humid and hot part of summer and we hope that’s all it is. We were instructed that the bandages must remain dry so of course this afternoon there is a monsoon storm bearing down to soak the whole neighborhood. 😦

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  1. Maxie–who’s a good dog? What can I get for you? Are you comfortable? Is dad being mean to you? Yes, I am a sucker for a cute face. And he has mastered cute from his head to those adorable little booties. Hope they work and he feels better soon. Poor baby.

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  2. Aw Max!
    My heart goes out to him, the poor wee chap. There is nothing worse than seeing your furry baby in pain. Please give him an extra cuddle from me.
    (And yes… I too know the pain of vet bills! My two have cost us a small fortune. But they’re worth it!)

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  3. So sorry to hear of Max’s ongoing paw issues. Because Sam and Elsa are poodles, their paws are shaved up to the ankles for that perky prance Spoos are known for, including between the toes with clipping of the pad hairs. Not a fun job, and no one likes it. Max is right to demand extra attention, treats and sympathy. I of course tell my guys if they want sympathy, they’ll need to look it up in the dictionary. No wonder Elsa eats my socks. 😇 Sending loads of digital sympathy and well wishes for the Malt. As for vet bills, I hear “Fundly” is a good source for medical bills for pets (but like all the others charges a ‘platform fee’). Another technological success that has made me wonder ‘why didn’t I think of that’ slap to the forehead. Feel better Max and milk it for all it’s worth, platform fee notwithstanding.

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  4. How can you resist that face? He’s perfected the woe-is-me look.

    I hope the paws are better soon. It can’t be much fun to have four poorly paws.

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    • I told Max that he has to start earning his keep. He looked at me and laughed in my face. So I guess there’s nothing to do but accept he has us well and truly trained to attend his every whim. I do admit to an occasional evil giggle watching him sliding on the hard wood floors and not quite making the turns without skidding.


  5. I’m sorry for Max. If only the jauntiness of the socks could seep into his little doggy soul. Our 13 yr old dog wound up with a raw tail a month ago, and the docs said that was allergies, too. ?? I feel you on the hot and humid. I hope Max heels soon. Each time I see his white fur, I wonder if I should whiten my teeth. He’s so white. In that last pic, I think you should PhotoShop in a pipe.

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    • His little Maltese soul is pretty dark right now. Smoldering. I think revenge is being plotted but I can’t tell yet what form his vengeance will take. But he did pee on the hardwood last night. Now, some would write that off as a doggie “accident” but Max never, ever has an accident. It was a doggie “deliberate,” you can bet the farm on it. He is miffed and acting out. It seems silly to attribute these motivations to a tiny pooch but if you knew him you would realize he has a lot of attitude and some of it is bad attitude.

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  6. Poor wee dog, how he suffers.
    On the other hand I note how many vets have private yachts in all the best ports.


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