The long and the short of it.

My good friend, author Maria Matthews in sunny Ireland (hahaha) wrote a short story about Max and her dog of stature, Bob. I am taking the liberty of re-blogging here – see excerpt below. Check out Maria’s blog for the whole story and more tales of Bob and his partner in crime, Ellie.



A very short story featuring Bob and his friend Maxwell

It was looking like snow. This was a special event in Ireland.

Bob was sitting staring out the kitchen window. He suspected it might snow but more importantly the oven was humming along with the cook who was rolling out biscuits.

“Hmm, biscuits,” Bob thought and set off to tell Max who lived a short distance away.

Cold, wet weather never bothered him because his thick coat kept everything from touching his skin. The extra bonus was fleas usually died before they fought their way through his coat.

Bob arrived at Max’s door. “Where is Ellie?” Max was peering over Bob’s shoulder.

“Didn’t bring her she is on cookie guard duty.”

Max didn’t linger. His short legs worked hard to keep up with his taller stocky friend.

“What happens if we get lost in this snow,” Max asked Bob as…

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    • We experienced this issue in Utah when we would take him up the mountains in winter. He loved the snow but we had to keep a close eye on the pup. When the snow was fluffy he would simply sink in and disappear and we would have to find the correct hole and lift him out. As soon as the snow firmed even a little he was able to scamper across it. Of course, he was much lighter then. Now I suspect he would plummet through even the heaviest crust. We’d have to attach avalanche transponders to his booties just to find him.

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  1. Gosh that’s a great story!
    I keep asking mum to write something about me (she pretends to be a writer during the daytime but really I’ve seen her spend far too much time on online shopping sites…) but she never does!!
    Grrrr… I’m going to show her this story for inspiration!
    Lots of licks, your new friend Morrie 🙂

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