Shopping List


Here ya go, guys, My Dad’s doing stupid posts again.

Courtesy of our favorite Malt, here are a few tasty options to spice up your gustatory adventures.



Always get the salted version. Plain squid guts are rather bland.


Yeah, I thought it was suspicious, too.


Truna is expensive. Arhhhhhh.


They’d cost more if they were truna.

Okay, maybe the marketing has failed to sway you towards a seafood snack. Before we leave, perhaps you’d like to use the restroom. Fine, but follow the instructions.


I wonder how often they have had folks try the other position.

So, where do you find this kind of stuff? Of course.




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  1. Ugh, I’m making tuna salad tonight! I thought $3 per can was pricey, but it’s got nothin’ on truna. I’ve never seen that store, but I bet it’s like a miniature Austin inside, full of crazy freaks getting their freak on–the ones who have long lists when the MRI tech asks if they have any metal on their bodies. (I can say that from my suburb/outskirts ivory tower, looking down upon it…)

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  2. As the house seems suspiciously bereft of food and the dogs suspiciously portly on my return after a month in Europe I shall be shopping tomorrow….your suggestions will be on the list. That should make all involved lose their appetites for a while.


  3. Sort of tracked you all down (lost details on laptop change) as I wanted to know if your old friends were all OK because of the lava on Big Island..
    Now that I have you back on my Favourites List Imust catch up on the FuzzBall.
    Lesley, Ron & Ted All English living in France. ( Ted is an Eng Setter)

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    • HI Lesley, glad you tracked us down! Bonjour, baguette, chevrolet hon hon to you all! We move slower these days so should be easier to find us. We have some friends who live in the town of Volcano which is not too far from the crater area but they’re actually upslope so not threatened unless there is a big explosion which is a rare occurrence with this type of volcano.


  4. These are so funny, Tom and there’s plenty for a dog to roll in and enhance their natural scent. These selections would be very popular down at dog beach where they love rolled in dead to very dead sea creatures. Lady even managed to get the stench inside her fur follicles. That takes effort and skill I’m sure.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Best wishes,


    • You said it…no creature has more skill at stinking itself up than a dog. Then they give you
      that look expressing how proud they are in their accomplishments, expecting rewards and praise.


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