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  1. Because they are all so darn cute and I am worried Max is sitting there growling as I look at each one…. I am going with #3. Or maybe #1 or #5. Oh, but look at #7. Obviously, you are way too cute, little guy. Where you been keeping yourself? I’ve missed you!

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  2. How many chances do we get? I’m thinking Max may have appeared more than once (even though we all know there really is only one Max). Otherwise I’m going with #2. Err…make that #4. No I’m definitely going with #7. Or maybe #9 or 10? *Sigh*

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  3. Seven. Or is it ten? Or dammit, is it two?
    Any more of this and I will put up a photograph of Einstein catching and eating a vulture…well, I would if I had been around to take one…by the time I got there all that was left was a beak and a few feathers.

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    • Hi Audrey!! Long time, no talk. I hope you and Buddy the Maltese Dog are doing well. How’s your crochet work doing these days? Do you still have a blog…I cannot seem to find it. Looks like you will be having a beautiful weekend in CT. Enjoy!


    • Hi Clowie! Maltese may be among the toughest breeds to differentiate in a photo collection. “He looks just like ___insert dog name____” is probably the most common expression we hear when we take Max out.


  4. Hi Max Bob says #3 as you always look good in red! But as we came into this late we had to cover all the comments so we couldn’t see the correct one. I was delighted when we got it right as you do have a pretty intense way of looking at people. As though you are reading their inner thoughts. Keep well our clever friend.

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    • Bob, as usual, has impeccable timing and a discerning eye. Had he been a little faster, he’d have been invited to the head of the class for praise and attention but, alas, Bob was moving at the speed of Bob.


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