Yes, It Was Hot Enough For Max

The temps over the weekend were crushing. How hot was it?

  • So hot the Jehovah’s Witnesses were proselytizing by email
  • So hot the bees took off their yellow jackets
  • So hot my dress trousers became sweat pants.

OK, enough with the :snorf: but here’s proof of how hot it was.



This thermometer is in the shade on our patio. 117F / 47C. Ai yai yai.

Fortunately, since then the temperatures have been declining at the rate of 2 – 3 degrees per day.

So, once again, how hot was it? Enough to make a Maltese sweat.

Max in sink

“I don’t care if air-conditioning is expensive.”

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  1. Hi Max, Buddy the Maltese dog & I know how you feel. We weren’t quite as hot as you were, but it was very humid and hot in conn. last week. Forunately, we have central air on both levels of our house. Next heat wave, Max you are more than welcone to come a stay with buddy and I. If you do not have air conditioning yet.
    Stay cool,
    Buddy & Audrey Tavel

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    • Max is sympathetic to Buddy because your East Coast humidity is really uncomfortable. Although my post may not have been clear, Max actually lives in a central air house and rarely deals wit the heat except for pee breaks.


  2. Shut. Up. I just now am catching up on my Reader and had NO IDEA you titled your post this. I would never have posted such a similar one yesterday, had I been aware. I suppose we are both hot. But dang, it’s nowhere near that hot here. Earth should not get to what your thermometer shows. I thought dogs didn’t sweat, silly! He looks like he jumped in the kiddie pool that we bought for our dogs last week, that they have avoided at all costs. I don’t envy you that heat. Will Max jump in water?

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  3. No more “poor Maxes” from over here. Stop hoarding up all that heat over there and share some of it with us. Currently 9 degrees C or 48 degrees F at 10.00pm. Our kids leave tomorrow to go skiing for the weekend.
    Times have changed since I was a kid. I remember my Dad taking off for a ski weekend on his own and here we are funding the kids’ ski holiday and we stay home. Not too sure about this, except that the kids are going with scouts so they are going on a shoe string.
    Best wishes,


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