Git Along L’il Doggie

Max is heading out on a road trip! Starting tomorrow and for the next two weeks or so, he will be traveling into Cowboy Country on a journey that will cover a couple thousand miles.

Tex Max

It’s Marshall Maltese to you.

He’s got his cowboy hat, his six-shooter, spurs, some chewin’ tabaccky and a bad attitude bigger than he is. He’s ready to earn some saddle sores but this isn’t his first rodeo so we expect he’ll pretty much hang around the chuckwagon.

So where will Max the Kid, the Malt Hombre, the DeadEye Dog be moseying? You’ll have to wait and see. Yippee ai yo kai yay – it’s Max’s August Road Trip!

But for now, Max presents:


  • I got it from a junkyard and just pounded out the dents.
  • The rear end needs a lot of work but I can do that at home.
  • As kids, we thought it funny to stick potatoes up its exhaust pipe.
  • Just grease the rear end and it will turn corners smoothly.
  • It died a year ago but I still keep some of the parts around.
  • When it stopped running I just left it at the side of the road and some guys came by and picked it up.
  • Smells bad on a hot day but you get used to that over time.
  • You can have it this weekend but bring it back full.
  • It caught fire but it’s still usable.

Enough with the snorf, snorf. Time to hit the trail. Giddy up, Max.


18 replies

  1. WOW 😮Max you look 👀 like you are ready for the set of gun smoke. Buddy and I just love ❤️ the hat 🎩 and really would like to see a picture of the wheels you’ll be riding in. Have a great trip and Buddy says stay away from the horses. We look forward to hearing about your adventure.

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  2. Are you kidding me???? Try saying to the AJF that her rear end needs work but you can pound out the dents.. It’s not just your dog. Say it to her and your dog but they will still be alive tomorrow, not sure about you.

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  3. Hope your trip is darn tootin’ fun. Perhaps Max will find a skull or bone on which to chew. Your list reminds me very much of a certain sketch I watch on my nightly viewing of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” And I would never trade my dog in for a new model!


  4. Max if you remember, Miss Kitty was not a cat in gun smoke she was a person. Is it possible you are getting your kitties mixed up! Come on now, that does not sound like you.


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