Max lipstick pre.jpg

Is this another of your especially stupid posts, Dad?

Lipstick stains have long been prima facie evidence of a wayward partner. Cliché.


Photo: MGM Records

Some of you Ancient Ones will recall that in 1959, Connie Francis made bank singing her something less than immortal song “Lipstick On Your Collar.”

Mock if you will but that tune sold over a million copies and what have you accomplished lately, Bunky?

But, and it’s an unusually big but like mine, if lipstick stains are sign of an alienation of affection, what am I to make of this?


Max lipstick

The Malt and AJF have some ‘splainin to do.

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    • Every time I see Jacques’ photo I wonder how it would be to have him and Max in the same room. Max is rather beta and your descriptions of Jacques make him sound confident so he’d probably be alpha but I expect they’d get into some merry mischief together, relying on their white-dog-cuteness to bail them out of trouble.


      • Trouble? Never! How could that possibly be?

        He’s a hoot with other dogs. He ignores the snappy, yappy Yorkie types — not to stereotype or anything — but with friendly dogs, it’s game on. With big dogs he gets them to chase him, then he runs where they can’t fit. When they give up he runs out after them again. He plays with an Irish setter and a standard poodle, not at the same time, and I don’t know how he keeps up. With his best friend, Julien’s little French bulldog, they run around deliberately bumping into each other. Then they stop and rub against each other, just celebrating the joy of being reunited.

        If Max is comfortable with other dogs, I bet they’d get along great.

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  1. You dunked that poor pooch again…your last post…no wonder he sought consolation…

    Mother once had suspicions that my father was involved with another woman and, with true female logic, reproached him with being clever enough not to have lipstick on his collar to which he replied that was why he…officer in the army…was supplied with a batman to see to his clothes…

    I remember that song…and was always mystified why it was so popular as a request on Forces Favourites, a radio programme where those at home put in requests for those serving overseas…


    • Every guy in the US who read your comment immediately said in a deep voice, “I AM BATMAN!”

      The look of betrayal when the Malt was summarily dunked was priceless. A very cross little dog.

      I, too, have no idea why that tune was a million seller but Connie also released “Stupid Cupid” to great acclaim so maybe it’s a cult thing.

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    • See, this is why Max needs you to be his consigliere. Had he come up with this story in the first place, I would have been impressed and probably would have believed him because the AJF and I are always anointing ourselves in the blood of our enemies. But he stuttered and hesitated and that’s when I knew something fishy was going on.


  2. HA! and Aw! Well…he is just so kissable!!! 😀
    My doggie Coop gets AND gives lots of kisses! 🙂
    Thank you for requesting access to my WP blog. You should be able to get on my site and read now.
    HUGS!!! to you and KIsses to Maxwell!!! 🙂

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    • As a breed, Maltese are “licky.” Given the opportunity I would be covered with dog spit. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, if it’s your preference, y’know. But I’d rather not have the faint lingering scent of fish flavored dog treats all over my body. So Max and I negotiate the licky stuff. He’s allowed to give some tongue to my arm and hand when getting scritched but must lay off the face and most other body parts. It’s a troubled negotiation and I am currently on the losing end.

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