Max and Pumpkin 1

What is this orange thing? Can I eat it?

No? Well, then, maybe I’ll just attack it.

Max and Pumpkin 2

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  1. Hi Jackie! Hope everyone’s well. This was our family craft activity today. Machi drew the face, I carved it and Max tried to destroy it. Division of labor. Happy Halloween to you and all. Aloha!


      1. Great minds! Max does bear a heightened antipathy towards the humble pumpkin. I don’t know if it is the expression on the orange ball or if maybe Max just hates all squash. But you and Helen are right – he’d love to wipe the grin off that intruder.

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    1. Before I carved it, the pumpkin was sitting on the fireplace hearth just quietly minding its own business when Max sauntered over and casually began to lift his leg to express his utter disdain for the intrusion of the orange fellow. I nipped that in the bud and moved the squash outside until I could carve it. As soon as it was brought back in Max targeted it again so now the pumpkin is where it belongs – outside the front door welcoming autumn visitors. Max continues to look askance at this thing each time he passes by.

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  2. Of course Max can eat it. I wouldn’t have survived until Christmas anyway. Don’t take it from e, it was Charlie Broqw’s advice to Snoopy. Charlie was wise, he also had a bird, Woodstock.


    1. Max actually eats pumpkin but it’s the Japanese kind – kabocha. The AJF stews it and adds bacon pieces which makes it quite tasty to man and dog alike. I’ve always thought of you as a Woodstock kind of bird, Kismet. Good natured and friendly but a lousy flier. ๐Ÿ˜‚


      1. That is a Great word! Iโ€™m imagining an endless number of pumpkins coming to take over the world by hypnosis ๐Ÿ˜‚. I will find a way to use this word today, just to see the look on peopleโ€™s faces.


  3. This is much scarier than a pumpkin. Green walls, wood floors, nice rugs, a crazy white dog and an eerily familiar baseboard. In fact the whole thing is eerily familiar. Did you copy my house or is this just another โ€œgreat mindsโ€ moment?


    1. Jack is now outside and we’re taking wagers on whether the neighborhood kids will somehow obliterate him before Halloween. Little do they know I re-directed one of our security cameras to watch Jack, er, Jacques so if they try anything nefarious I’ll release the Maltese and that should terrify them.

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      1. I can just envisage the scene…they approach stealthily…they are just about to touch the pumpkin when a voice from within roars ‘Unleash the Maltese!’….and a white ball of fire leaps out and pees on the pumpkin.

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      1. That’s why God gave dogs such great canine teeth! Just ask Elsa…she can carve up pretty much anything! Anyway, Max…tell your mom and dad they did a fine job on the carving. But keep an eye on that intruder. You just never know about the orange ones. ๐Ÿ˜†


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