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  1. This is very reminiscent of her embarrassing performance a couple years ago. I remember she blamed that on the sound guys. As a fellow 40-something woman, I don’t understand why she’s always got to have the girls on display. But even that cannot distract from the pitchiness. She’s really working that lower register in your video. Bless her heart. You know, I was really good at front handsprings a couple decades ago but I knew when to quit.

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    • This particular song was proven by the government to cause PTSD in retail workers. Play it loud and they fall to the ground and start twitching. But I have no probs with Mariah putting the girls on display. 😈

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  2. The dogs loved it! Howling in unison! I must link this up to the sound system and let all the neighbours have it full blast at about 6.00 am on Christmas Day. That is if i don’t bugger up the sound system trying to do it….
    Many thanks, Max!

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