From Max to You

There are a lot of ways to celebrate this time of year. Max, the Alpha Japanese Female and I hope you have a wonderful season no matter which way you choose although personally I’d recommend eschewing the Saturnalian Chthulu Ritual.

Just kidding.

We hope your dreams will be fulfilled. If you are suffering, we hope that your pain, worry and anxiety will soon be relieved. We wish only wonderful things for you and yours.

Thanks for spending some of your time on this silly dog blog. I know that there is a certain Maltese who would snuggle up and give you loving licks for listening to his tales. I would, too, but I don’t want to spend New Year’s in jail. Again.


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  1. Maverick spent the day trying desperately to lick the faces off the grandchildren and having a tantrum when he was thwarted – he gets a bit too rambunctious still. He’s now crashed and will probably not wake up till morning. Merry Christmas, Mr. Maxwell, I hope that Santa Paws brings you many many goodies!


    • Right back at ya! Coming from South Africa, this wins the award for most distant greeting! There’s no prize, just respect and if Rowena shows up from Australia I’ll have to start measuring on the globe. Max sends Christmas woofs to your doggos and hopes they are not too hot this winter. That sounds strange, but true.

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      • Thank you πŸ™‚
        It is amazing how far flung the WP community is and always fun to spot a new country. πŸ™‚
        Little Monkey loves the sun – which is perhaps just as well! πŸ˜€
        Seasons Greetings. πŸ™‚


  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog. We miss you three here within the K streets. Lots of new (and large) dogs. Mele Kalikimaka me ka hauoli makahiki hou!πŸ₯‚

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    • Hi Jackie…at first, you had me guessing who “Anonymous” was but your message made it clear that the Christmas wishes came from one of our favorite (and Max’s favorite) people! Merry Christmas right back at ya and to Laura and your new pup who really needs to be featured in the silly dog blog if only you’ll email a photo or two. It rained here last night so there’s a dusting of snow on our nearby mountain. Max is wearing his warm Santa costume and who knows…maybe I’ll have a hot toddy later. So different from Christmas in Hawaii…maybe I’ll put on my boroboro shorts and an aloha shirt just for nostalgia’s sake. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday and give our aloha to all and plenny scritch-scratches to the four-legged Elfs who are always a gift at Christmas and year around.❀


  3. OMG, you got him to sit still and look at the camera! Granted, he looks a little penned in, but still. I had to put Jacques’ elf hat on the Christmas tree β€” just gave up! Now he’s off giving the guests a tour of the neighborhood. Feckless little bugger. I’ll have to remind him the world is full of cute little white dogs, so He’d Better Watch It! Some other day. Today we’re having too much fun. As, I hope, are you. Here’s to you, Max, AJF and the new year.

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    • I doubt that Monsieur Jacques has much to worry about. I think he’s secure as ruler of the household despite being coerced to wear a funny hat. You must be exhausted after your trip and then having to mount a Christmas feast. I suspect it will be a one brandy and then sleep sort of night. Hope PΓ¨re NoΓ«l was good to all in your home and maybe brought some of those undermats that keep rugs from slipping. Merry Christmas!

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    • I tried and tried to find you a gift that would fit your warm and welcoming personality but the hardware shop was out of barbed wire. So I settled on a first edition recording of Alvin and The Chipmunks Christmas Carols and will play that on loudspeakers outside your cage for the next 36 hours. Anyway, Merry Christmas surly bird. πŸ™‚


    • It was a delightful day but oh, did we ever over-eat. All of us. We were in a food coma last night, just burping and using hand signals to communicate. Max. of course, is banned from rib bones because of tooth issues but he sure got his fair share of rib roast au jus. I see a snow storm is headed your way so bundle up, hunker down, break out the warm beverages and go snuggle some poodles. 🍺

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  4. At the risk of sounding racist, what delightful whiteness he has! His fur matches the white of the hat. It’s like when people with unfortunate teeth do the “Kleenex test,” and fall short of whiteness. Max has it in spades. White spades.

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    • Not just white hair, he also has pink skin.He actually sunburns easily so we have to watch him in summer. I’d say he’s a lot like me except he has a lot more hair and none in his nose.Somehow he seems to photograph whiter than in real life. Tolerant Daughter said yesterday that he looked like he could use a scrub. I agree but we’ll wait to give him his formal New Year’s Eve ablutions so he can enter 2019 in pristine condition.


  5. Max–you look so darn cute! I hope Santa Paws was good to you. If not, I say attack the man snorfing in the background. I hope you have a very Happy New Year. And they let you take off that cap. Parker and Piper send meows your way. Mostly. They’re sleeping now. Again….

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    • Yep. Dogs don’t waste their time on politics, social media outrages or the trend of the day. They focus on food, fun and affection. As to NY jail, let’s just keep that on the down low for now. All I can say is I was young.πŸ˜‰


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