The Birthday Boy

Yesterday, Max celebrated his 12th birthday which officially makes him older than me when our respective ages are adjusted for species.

Birthday boy

When do we get to the eating part of this celebration?

(Please insert your preferred cliche about time flying, water under bridges, speed of the passing years, etc.)

Overall, the years have been kind to the Maltburger. He acts like a much younger doggo, runs like the wind, has a voracious appetite and poops like a Prince.

(Please understand I know nothing about royal toilet behavior but I needed the alliteration.)


Wolf: “Maybe if I act nice those humans will give me food. I mean, what could go wrong?”

Max’s party featured the obligatory stupid dog costume. His feast began with a fair share of an enormous rib eye steak grilled to perfection.

That was followed by a giant peanut butter-flavored treat crowned with whipped cream and a candle.

As is customary, Max was gifted with a new Puppia harness, this time in royal blue (like a Prince.)


I’m not crazy about that open flame!


While the food was well received, it’s not clear that Max enjoyed all the fuss.

He treated the lighted candle as though it were Hades’ own beacon and was clearly exasperated by the photo session.


Why me, Lord?

Max is a trooper so he persevered and exuded canine tolerance despite the annoying behavior of his human family.

When he got the chance to escape, he shot out the door and retreated to a favorite spot for a well-deserved birthday nap.

Get me out

Get me out of here!

Free at last

Free at last, free at last. Thank Dog Almighty, I’m free at last.

Later that evening, Max and the AJF polished off a Klondike ice cream bar. It was the perfect ending to a very nice dog birthday.

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    • It was fun for at least two of us. The jury is till out on whether Max had a good time. No matter – we’ll continue to subject him to the indignities of dog costumes and whatnot even if he claims dog abuse. Maltese salute to Sookie and Duncan!


  1. Belated birthday greetings Max. Twelve years old…..and you have been loved and pampered every minute of it. Murphy says she loves your party hat but adds we would never get one near her head! Looks like a nifty harness. You’re going to look really sharp on your walks! May you always feel young, run like the wind, and poop like a prince!

    Tom, your caption, “Why me, Lord?” is absolutely perfect for that picture. I’m still cracking up! You and the AJF are absolutely bonkers. I LOVE IT!!
    🐾Ginger 🐾

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    • The furball has perfected his “long suffering” look. We often wonder what goes through his little Maltese head when we subject him to wearing costumes, performing dances, posing him for photos and such. Seems like he’ll go along with anything as long as treats are provided. Murphy clearly has a more refined sense of dignity. Sometimes I picture dogs sitting back and reflecting proudly, “My ancestors were wolves.”

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    • Max says “thanks.” It’s hard to estimate his age equivalency in human years. I generally use 6:1 since he is a little guy. Of course, as a devilishly handsome beer drinker folks apply .85 times my chronological age for me 🙂

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  2. And during those 12 years, did he ever bare his teeth in a smile, or has he always had that look of suffering fools and disdain? Methinks he doesn’t wear his heart on his sleeve. The bow tie is natty indeed.

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  3. He’s very patient with you, isn’t he…..or does the long suffering look come on when the treats are too long in being provided?
    When you think of their long history as lapdogs I suppose the expectation of treats being provided at regular intervals must have entered the genes…

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  4. Happy Birthday little Max! So very dapper in the costume the humans subject you to to pass around on their blog. Oh, the shame!
    I understand the side eye for the miniature Tiki flame they presented you with. WHAT???!!
    Enjoy your weekend, Max. And Birthdays on Thursday or Friday always extend into the weekend, so maintain your nap spot. It’s your Big Day(s)!

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    • I imagine other dogs seeing the photos and mocking him unmercifully. But…rib eye steak! Who has the last laugh now? Yes, there were plenty of leftovers so he’ll be celebrating for days to come.

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  5. Happy Birthday, Prince Maxwell! Tell your Daddy to make you some ice cream – get some vanilla yogurt, mix in some peanut butter, some applesauce, a bit of cinnamon, and a touch of honey. Freeze it all up in little thingies, and have yourself a party.

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  6. YAY!!! 🙂 Happy Birthday, Max! Sounds like a pawsitively grrreat day! 🙂 You’re looking handsome! It’s nice of you to humor your human-beans and wear that hat! If my mom put that hat on me, I’d shake it off as soon as I could! 😛
    ❤ from Cooper 🐶

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    • Seems dogs fall into either the “hate hat” or “tolerate hat” categories. None really like hats. Max is in the tolerant camp but we have to keep telling him to “wait”. That means he’ll get a treat, but later. I think Cooper might look good in a knit watchman’s cap but don’t tell him I said so!

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  7. It does not escape me that “the Maltburger” combines two favorite foods right there in his own name…malt and burger. And methinks Max would be the prince of the malt shop, food, tunes and fun. What’s not to love? Happy birthday Max! 😊

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  8. Belated Happy Birthday wishes, Max! I am sorry that I derive so much pleasure from your suffering, but you are adorable when you are (maybe) unhappy. Here’s to many more wonderful years!

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    • He uses “cute” to his advantage waaay too often so I guess turnabout is fair play. Everytime I bring home a doggie hat he gets this expression on his face, the canine version of WTF.


  9. Aww! Hope Max had a wonderful birthday. The party hat and bow tie are a lovely touch! And even if he wasn’t a huge fan of his bday attire, it certainly sounds like his fancy feast more than made up for it. 😀

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      • Dear Max,
        Buddy took a turn for the worst on July 15th with his kidney disease and their was nothing I could do that would improve his quality of life, so I had to let him go. I miss him so much.
        I want to get another one, do you know of any good breeders and names for my little guy?
        Please keep in touch I always enjoy hearing from you.
        Audrey Tavel

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        • Oh Audrey I am so saddened to hear that Buddy the Maltese Dog has passed. I never met him but from reading your descriptions of him I know that he was surely a wonderful companion and very good boy. The little white dogs can really worm their way into our hearts with their sweet personalities, funny behaviors and constant loyalty. You were lucky to have Buddy as your beloved friend and Buddy was lucky to have you because you created a home for him that was full of love.

          I don’t know anything about Maltese breeders or who might have Malt available for you. We got Max after we saw an ad on the bulleting board of local grocery store when we lived in Utah. Having said that, a couple of starting points might be these two sites:

          For rescue Malts:

          Connecticut Maltese Breeders:

          I hope you find a new Maltese companion soon. You’ll never forget or replace Buddy, of course, but perhaps a new little one will bring some joy. We grieve with you the loss of Buddy, a very good dog.


          • Dear Max, Thank you for the beautiful condolence note. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.
            Buddy’s memories have touched my heart ♥️ in ways like never before. I plan to honor him & tell his new bro or sis what a wonderful soul he was. 🌺
            Will keep you updated on my puppy status. You stay well, drink lots of water and have fun!


  10. A belated Happy Birthday, Max. My birthday was the 30th July so we were almost twins. I hope you’ve managed to have some extended birthday celebrations. I’m not done with mine yet.
    Best wishes,
    PS Lady sends her love.


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