Play It Again, Max!

I have posted Freshpet’s Holiday Feast video for each of the past five Christmas seasons. It’s what we call an “oldie but a goodie.”

Like me. Kinda, sorta.

It makes me grin every time I see it.

This year, let me add a video. In this one, our favorite canines (and the Dogfather cat, too) are engaged in helping build toys for the holidays.

Thanks to the fine folks at Freshpet for making these videos. I have no connection whatsoever with Freshpet but since I filched their material, I’ll give their logo some free advertising:


Hope you enjoy the videos as much as I do.

Oh, and here’s a look at our resident rough beast slouching towards Bethlehem.


“Go away. Don’t bother me.”


28 replies

  1. Grin? Only grin!?!?
    I’m laughing loudly!!! 😀 Fits of giggles! A snort or four! 😛
    These vids are favs of mine, too! I love when you post them! 😀
    Animals in clothes, doing human-bean things, just slay me!!! 😛

    Aw, gentle PATS and RUBS to Max when he’s ready to be bothered. 🙂
    Coop sends some licks and sniffs, too!
    HUGS for you and AJF! 🙂

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  2. If I laugh any harder I’m going to destroy some vital organs! Heaven help us if dogs had thumbs! Can you just see the shenanigans they would get into? And Max would be leading the pack…..if he could unwind himself from the carpet camouflage long enough to take his place as leader.

    These videos are hysterical. I haven’t seen them so I’m so glad you shared them again.

    Sure hope Max is a bit more chipper for Christmas. Perhaps he’s storing up all the energy he can because he knows he won’t escape the inevitable costume and endless picture taking!

    I’m going to watch those videos again. They’re a hoot Tom!

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    • Glad you liked it, Ginger! We try to be a full service dog blog. Silly dog videos to references to Irish Literary Revival poets like Yeats to the Roto-Wipe 2700. Someday there may even be something of real value here but I doubt it. 😁


  3. Squeal! Hah! Love the first one as much this year as last. Love the second one just as much. The flask! I’ve never appreciated dogs more. As for Max, that’s the same position and demeanor I adopt every night.

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    • Yup, I like the flask dog and the “teenager” with his iPhone in the first video and the dog that steals the silver ware. Also, the cat who obviously is in charge of the proceedings. Silly stuff but it’s a nice relief from some the overly cloying holiday advertisements. Can you imagine trying to wrangle 13 dogs and a cat or two and keep them from going crazy while filming these videos? It must have been a hilarious scene.

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