¡Feliz Xmas!

Max’s Christmas hat. I got it from El L. Bean.

Obviously he’s nacho average dog.

Hedgie: “You are having a señor moment, Max!”

And now, Max’s really bad joke of the day:

Him: Do you know the Spanish word of the day?
Me: No.
Him: “Alpaca.” Shall I use it in a sentence?
Me: Yes.
Him: If we are going to the park, alpaca a lunch.

Feliz navidad. Navidog. Whatever.


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  1. I feel shades of “Airplane” here…”What’s the vector, Victor?” “It’s Hedgie!”

    Toby: Watch out for the choo choo, Max.
    Max: What choo choo?
    Toby: If the doctor thinks you’ve been near the virus, he might choo choo with the vaccine!

    Dear Max, you have THE cutest punam in the world!

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    • Max does like gladiator movies so maybe you are on to something. “Airplane” is one of my top favorite movies, surely I have watched it 20 times and don’t call me Shirley. You got me corn-fused about the “punam” but from context I’m going to assume you meant “punim” which I know is Yiddish for “face.” Did I get it right?

      Max counters with two new words of the day: “pink” and “yellow.” As in, when the phone rings, I “pink” it up and say “yellow!”

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    • What? What? That right there is quality humor. People pay for that kind of stuff, just not to me or Max. Here’s another word of the day for you: juicy! Tell me if you “juicy” the cops ’cause I’m gonna run away.


    • Hey! Hey! Hey! There is nothing wrong with Tex-Mex; in fact, that’s real good eatin’! You are just upset that Max focused on Spanish instead of those Caledonia sayings that are incomprehensible to mortal man or dog. OK, here’s an easy one: word of the day is “kilt.” As in, that’s what happened to the last person who called it a skirt.

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    • Very good. Lois! Here’s one back at ya…The word of the day is “deliver.”

      As in, during the holidays you should cut back on that wine because it’s bad for “deliver.”

      Merry Christmas to you and yours (even the cats) too.

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  2. Max, no matter what costume your DogDad subjects you to, you give new meaning to the words suave and chic. Even DogDad couldn’t pull it off. I know Santa will be bringing you special dog treats this Christmas!

    Thank you for keeping me laughing all year. Even though you now have to pee and poo on stones, no soft grass for your adorable bum, you always find something funny to share with us.

    Murphy hopes your DogDad doesn’t get any crazy idea to have you walking the Costume Hall of Shame to sum up this year. If you think about it, 2020 is the year that wasn’t!

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    • Hi Ginger! I used up my one and only ginger joke (non-redhead type) with that gingerbread house a few days ago. I’m glad that you have had fun at my expense this year. You were not alone in that endeavor. Yes, there will be more silly dog costumes and blog posts in 2021 and hopefully we will be able to do some traveling so that Max can return to his principal job as tour guide to strange and unusual places.


    • We do not care about spelling on the silly dog blog. Don’t care about grammar, either. Actually, come to think of it, we don’t care about much around here. I think our theme song will be “The girls just wanna have fun!” And the boys, too.

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  3. Flan-tastico!!! 🙂 Max, you just made Christmas more colorful and more wonderful-er!!! Let’s taco about how handsome you are!!! My, my! You look sooooooooooo handsome! 😉
    Feliz NaviDog! Happy HolliDogs!!! Have a pawsitively merry Christmas!!! Hope Santy Paws brings you loads of treats!!! 🙂
    (((HUGS))), PATS, and RUBS for you and your Human-Beans!!! 😛
    PS…Thanks for the snort-laughs…we’re howling here!!! 😀

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    • We knew we could count on Cooper and his DogMom to come back with a slew of puns. And we weren’t disappointed! Happy Holllidogs right back at ya. No coal for Mr. Coopster – I predict a fat stocking full of goodies.

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  4. As a late unlamented aunt would say in a Kelvinside accent….well, it is colourful, I suppose….you can almost hear the sniff of disapproial through the written word…

    You owe Max big time…all the Tex Mex or Mex Tex he can eat, a visit to the shops to choose his new toys. No sacrifice too great to compensate for that hat.

    His exploits liven up even a year like this, so Merry Christmas to you all.

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    • You are just jealous. I think that hat was from Costa Rica. The little balls hanging around the rim are the dead giveaway. I didn’t have a genuine serape so a scarf had to suffice. To add insult to injury, after that photo was taken, I had to grab the Malt and shuffle off to the veterinarian so he (the Malt) could get his annual nasal Bordetella treatment. Not a happy puppy. Merry Christmas to you and yours, too.

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