The Malt Celebrates

Max is celebrating our Nation’s Birthday and wishes everyone a very happy holiday!

Feeling sporty.

He also picked, well, supervised the picking, of a few fresh veggies for tonight’s salad!

Japanese cukes and ‘maters!

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  1. You already have tomatoes. You showoff!

    Over here it’s raining like crazy. And cool, in July! The plants are huge and happy, but the tomatoes are small, green, and few in number. Oh, well.

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  2. Awwwww Max, you look positively handsome and debonair in that scarf and bow tie. DogDad is choosing really spiffy costumes for you lately.

    The cukes and maters look sooooo good. Good choices Max. Sure hope there’s a piece of steak or chicken in the dinner menu for you. It is a special day after all.

    Tell DogDad and DogMom that Murphy and I wish them a very happy holiday as well. We also have our paws crossed that you’re in a neighborhood that doesn’t go crazy with firecrackers. Murphy is not a happy camper when they go off… probably aren’t either.

    Max it warms my heart to see you looking so good. Thanks to the DogParents!

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    • Strangely, Max is not affected by fireworks or gunshots or other sudden loud noises. He just ignores them. He will get grilled chicken breast, no salt, tonight as his special dinner. Happy wishes to you Ginger and Miss Murphy too.


  3. I don’t know… Little Max is giving the ol’ squint-eye. I think he’s still undecided about the tie, but I think he looks dashing! For whatever reason, our state is A-OK with all the fireworks you want! It just stormed here so I am thinking they might not happen. Which is fine with me–the outdoor cats, you know. Hey–if you want to trade wisteria plants for any veggies, just let me know. My yard is overgrown with that mess. Every time I think I’ve got plants out by the root, another one pops us.

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    • I do love wisteria. Big deal in Japan, hence the AJF is a fan. This year the cucumbers have been insane. We now can’t figue out what to do after eating, giving them away, etc. Tomatoes are just starting up but we have huge numbers of greenies waiting to ripen and then…marinara sauce!

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    • It’s shaping up to be a banner year but the threats of too high temps, bugs and rats are always present. My recently installed drip system, wifi enabled doncha know, is working great on veggies and flowers. Max took a pass on the fresh veggies and managed to beg a little extra grilled chicken breast. He’s currently in a Maltese food coma but should be back for more before bedtime.

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  4. Apologies for the late response to his lordship’s sartorial magnificence….we had the edge of a hurricane which brought down a whopping tree on the ‘phone and electricity lines. A tree which the environment ministry refused consent to fell despite the obvious danger….the telecommunications bods turned out, sucked their teeth and said they could not repair the lines as their van could not reach the area…so a neighbour has reconnected everybody and we await the fury of the telecommunications bods when they make a reappearance…if they ever do.
    Too many cucumbers? Tried a cucumber and onion salad with sugar and vinegar? Or cucumber, radish, bok choy and coriander with an olive oil, rice venegar, soy, sesame oil, garlic and chilli dressing? Or rings of poached cucumber with a tuna and mayo filling? Or sauted chicken with batons of cucumber?

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    • You were doing quite well until the tuna recommendation. I hate tuna fish with or without mayo. I like my raw maguro, hamachi and other sushi and sashimi but the canned tuna? Yuck. Anyhoo…I hadn’t heard about the hurricane near CR which I imagine is due to an unending focus by the news media on a tropical storm nearing Florida and high temps in the western US. Once again plucky individuals accomplish what the government service people claim s undoable, and as you note, punishment will be doled out later, of course. Oh well, I don’t suppose you and Leo had a 4th of July barbecue planned.

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      • No…hardly! Though now the new balcony is finished he will be looking to move eating activities out there in the shade of the jocote tree. Well, when the rain stops…
        I am not the greatest fan of tinned tuna…but people here love the stuff and among the other things they are served at our house at least it is something recognisable!

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        • Completely off-topic but worthy of note: as of today, the #1 top selling album on iTunes is “Queen’s Greatest Hits” which was released in 1981. Hopefully the whippersnappers will now start showing us, and our music, some more respct.

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  5. Max, you looked very handsome in your 4th of July bow tie. I am very impressed how much produce your supervision has helped your people grow.


    • Well howdy Mya and welcome to the silly dog blog. Hope you’ll stay around join in, it’s a nice bunch of strange people and very good dogs. Now Max and I are going to pop over to your place and see what’s going on…


      • YAY, Max!!! I’m with you! πŸ™‚
        And bowties are certainly stylin’! But, then, anything you wear looks good! Your handsomeness is front and center! πŸ™‚
        PATS and RUBS for today! Hope you got some nappin’ and lovin’ in today.


  6. Hey, Max!
    How are you doing?
    Coop and I wanted to check in. We think of you so often and send you well wishes and love.
    How are your Dog-ma and Paw doing? I know they are giving you lots of lovin’ and good care! πŸ™‚
    PATS and RUBS!!! πŸ™‚ ❀

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