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  1. HAHAHAHAHA! I look forward to you posting this! It always gives me some hearty snort-laughs! 😀
    HA! on the doggie stealing the silverware! 😉 😛 I’m surprise The Cat put up with those animals! HA! 😉
    Thanks for the laughs, Tom!

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  2. Tom and Max, thank you for sharing this video again. I swear, I could watch it every day and never tire of it. Whoever thought it up and all those who made it work deserve a big round of applause! Genius.

    The dog stealing the silverware and the one who can’t put his phone down are hysterical. The cat though, and those cat expressions, are priceless. Leave it to a cat when you need to keep a bunch of rowdy dogs in line!

    This made me laugh out loud….again!

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    • I think this is the 4th year I’ve posted this video and I still laugh every year when I look at it again. I wonder if FreshPet made any money off sales of their products using the video?


    • Thank you! We are looking forward to the season and Max is hoping that Santa Claus brings him lots of treats. Best wishes to you and yours and hope that pet treats show up at the Beach House, too!


  3. I love the cat at the head of the table.
    Clearly condescending (that means looking down on) the greedy mutts at the table.
    I look forward to a similar video of dog at table with cats, all refusing to eat the dinner laid before them!
    Not that a mere dog would ever be head of the table…

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    • Thank you for explaining what “condescending” means. In return I promise to type slowly because I heard you can’t read very fast. Yeah – the cat. He is so clearly the Boss of that crowd. But a species swap between dogs and cats wouldn’t work at all since there is no way on Earth to keep 13 cats organized.

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