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When Max died, the Alpha Japanese Female and I had a discussion about how to handle his remains. We decided there were basically two options: burial in our backyard or cremation. We just weren’t up to researching and deliberating over all the other alternatives like aquamation, tree pods, sea burial or the place that creates jewelry from dead dogs.

Really, it’s a thing and you can check it out.

We decided on cremation largely because the AJF just couldn’t get comfortable with thinking about the natural processes that occur after burial.

The photo is temporary. We haven’t yet decided which image to use. As you can guess we a have a bazillion choices.

Pet cremation is a big business; one to which I never gave a second thought before Max’s passing. Turns out that in the pet cremation biz, as with other service industries, there are scamsters and good honest operators, a dizzying array of fees, charges, add-ons, upgrades and package deals.

When a dog dies at the Vet, it is typical that the Vet’s office handles the details and charges the client and takes a cut of the action for the service. When a pet dies at home, say for example in Rancho Cucaracha, it is typical that the DogDad is charged with making the arrangements.

Needless to say this was not a task I relished or even ketchup-ed. :snorf: But I muddled through and eventually identified a legit operator with a sterling reputation.

We first agreed on a “private” cremation which is an industry term that means Max’s body was cremated in its own vessel and by himself as opposed to alternatives that cremate several pets in individual vessels but together in the furnace, or the communal option where the animals are all mixed together with the ashes co-mingled. This is one of the areas where scams abound so it’s important to have a reputable operator and demand to see the various tags, photos and documents that prove the chosen method was indeed the one carried out.

Then, AJF and I agreed on a cremation plan “package” that included transportation of Max’s body and, afterwards, delivery of his ashes in a memorial urn, along with a commemorative nose print and a paw impression in clay. I hadn’t known until this time that a dog’s nose print is as individual and unique as a human fingerprint.

To be sure, the pet cremation business is every bit as adept at leveraging emotional vulnerability to maximize revenue as is the human cremation business.

Depending on your view of such things, the cremation and accompanying expenditures of time, money and psychic energy were either a well-deserved tribute to a beloved family member who happened to be a canine or a tremendous waste of resources and a source of stress. You can guess where on that spectrum you’d find our opinion but your mileage may vary.

Several days ago our Pupster’s ashes were returned to us. Max is currently sitting on the fireplace mantel where his spirit can keep an eye on things, especially the Recliner of Sloth where he spent so many happy hours. We are happy to have his remains back home where he belongs.

To answer a question that has popped up…I will soon, not immediately, be back hounding you on your blogs, disrupting discussions, offering atrocious puns and generally being rude just as usual. You don’t get rid of me that easily.

As to the future of Within the K Streets… This will be my last post on this blog. I will be leaving the blog public and available but it will go dormant. It was always about Max and without the hero a story can’t go on, with maybe the Bible being a major exception.

I am activating the comment section on this post, at least for a while, so any final messages can be posted. Max’s email will also stay active.

But, hey, guys…no sappy, sad messages, no public grieving, none of that stuff, please. Only happy, funny, rude or thoughtful comments are allowed. Puns and jokes encouraged!

Later on, I may start a new blog if I can think up a worthy topic. The world is not yet ready for a Racing Possum or Squirrel Wallet blog but perhaps there is another subject that I can yap about.

So, like Max’s post from a few weeks ago about Paul Harvey, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

Aloha and mahalo. Sayonara. See ya later in the comments and on your blogs!

Within the K Streets is now closed.

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  1. So glad Max’s ashes will be keeping watch over you.
    How you need his care.
    Of course, if Uncle Joe, the one who takes snuff visits, ensure he keeps away from the mantelpiece.
    We all look forward to your rude new blog.
    Anyway, I’ve stopped weeping over Max now…

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  2. Tom, you made my day! I really thought we lost you too. I have no doubt you will find a worthy subject to create a new blog. Well, maybe not worthy, knowing you, but funny as hell and sharp as a tack. Amazon could keep you going for years!

    Sweet Max is home where he belongs with DogDad and DogMom. Aloha Max. Have fun chasing the possums.
    Maybe the AFJ will dress DogDad up in costumes every holiday In your honor! Now that would be a hoot! 🤗

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  3. I’m glad you opened comments. Max’s friends need to be able to say goodbye. It seems like we only just found Max. OK, so we did just find Max a few months ago. And got hooked. You know, like one of those weekly, “Hey, let’s meet for coffee or a drink after work” things.
    Speaking of cremation of pets, we’ve had our share. I’ve always held the still, lifeless body tight in my arms on the way (of course, crying the whole time, so someone else had to drive). Then we’d go back a little later that day and pick up her ashes in the jar I would pick out when drop off occurred. Get a certificated of cremation, some hair, and that was it.
    But I know what you’re saying. I’ll never forget the horror of hundreds of bodies of dead animals found in the woods behind an animal crematorium, in Florida, I think, or maybe Georgia.
    In any case, maybe someday there will be another dog who comes to live with you and paw his way into your hearts…but there will never be another Max.(Sorry if that’s sappy.) Amy

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  4. Well I’m glad max is back keeping an eye on you! Who knows what shenanigans you were plotting! I wish I could have met max in person but thanks for sharing him through your words. In all honesty, i laughed harder at your blog than I do at any others and for purely selfish reasons I hope you return. I am going to goad you with sponge bob sponge holders as incentive. I never missed a k street post but will very much. Blessings to max and you both.

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  5. Welcome home, dear Max. Max was held in the highest regard, not because he was one of my first followers, but because his spirit was truly special. We shall miss his clever take on life with an interesting human dad and loving huMom and will look forward to your visits (and hopefully soon, another blog presence) keeping us humble yet entertained. じゃあね (Ja ne, ‘See ya’) 🎏 💙 🎏

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  6. Tom–I am so glad we get to say Aloha to you, the AJF, and little Max, if only in spirit. I have had dogs and cats privately cremated and cried again when I was told they were ready for pick-up. Their ashes sit in my closet, as we speak. We can’t keep them on the fireplace because I am sure my other cats would knock them over and Teemu’s ashes would be mixed up with Muffin’s (my little Maltese)…what a mess that would be. Plus the outdoor cats are now indoor-only cats, and they love exploring their new digs. But you saw that coming… 😹
    I’m glad you will be coming back to offer your funny, weird comments. Carolyn and I just knew something was missing when you were not there to chime in.
    Hopefully, a good thought pops into your head to start another blog. Take care, my friend. Never lose your smart assness, Max is counting on you.

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  7. So about that jewelry- I have a necklace with a glass bead made from a bit of my Max’s ashes – it brought me great comfort many times. Also, get your ass blogging again because your bad puns and too many words posts are kinda missed. 😀. (My Max’s box also has a place of honor in the family room). Hugs to the AJF

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  8. Dear Max,
    We are so so SO glad you are finally home again where you need to be. And so VERY glad you will be watching over (AND watching out for) your doggie-parents…especially your doggie-daddy! Do you think when he looks up at the mantle he’ll be reminded to be good? Yeah…I don’t think so either. 😉 But that’s just the way we want it to be…we like him punny, silly, ornery, smart-alec-y, yappy, ETC! 😀 😛
    Sweet handsome Max, we will always love you. We will always appreciate the joy and fun you brought into our lives. You will not be forgotten. Your sweet spirit remains in all of us.
    If you don’t mind, I will pop over here from time to time just to look at the photos of your sweet handsome face. 🙂
    Tell your doggie-daddy to start up with the blogging again when he’s ready to do so. He is missed. He makes this place even more fun. Personally, I would love it if he would dress up in costumes for every holiday and/or just because. Could you arrange that, Max?! If not, that’s okay. 😉 😀
    ❤️ (((HUGS))) to your doggie parents from me. 🙂 ❤️

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  9. Aloha! I was shocked. I had not seen your last post. I’m so glad Max is home. 💛 and I feel blessed to have had opportunity to know him and this blog before it closed. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Until then…💚

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    Max, the gentle, kind Maltese,
    who made the world seem at ease,
    who gave us canine wisdom as he pleased…
    (even if he may have had some fleas.)

    Max, the dog who filled our screens,
    Making sure that he was seen,
    Always gentle, never mean…
    (even if his paws weren’t clean.)

    Max, who lives up there in the sky,
    Occasionally waving “hi”,
    Watching the bluebirds fly on by…
    (even if his paws weren’t dry.)

    Max, who’s happy as happy can be,
    Up in the sky, as you can see,
    Whose spirit is endlessly free…
    Max, who’ll get this message from me.

    You have many grown-up fans,
    But one of them is eleven;
    And wishes Max the best of luck
    Up there in dog heaven!

    This is a poem I wrote yesterday to honor the memory of Max. I hope you like it as much as I liked the gentle little dog and his gentle little blog!

    -Jonah (“Highstone”)

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  11. Tom – I am so glad to know that you will continue to harass us. I promise, if we ever make it out to CA and in your area, I’ll make you scones. I enjoyed Max’s comments on my blog and your comments on my blog. Your little guy brought much joy and cheer into the world with his sassy attitude and putting up with your costume designs. Aloha!

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  12. I have been off line for a while and have just returned. I was looking old blog buddies when I saw this post.
    Sorry to hear of Max’s passing. I know he was a good friend and was well loved. You gave him a good life and he enriched your lives. Blessings to you both.


  13. Hi Tom,
    I’m sorry I’ve been so slow on the uptake. You have been conspicuously absent on my blog and seeing Max’s little face. I can never remember the name of your blog and I was trawling through Monika’s blog and my own trying to find you and then searched my blog on Max and there you were…and there he wasn’t.
    You have both brought me a lot of joy and humour and helped me get through some pretty tough times with my health but it was also hard to see Max struggling, and none of us has the key to eternal life here on earth.
    All of our dogs have been buried in our backyard and making us look like serial killers.
    Hope you start a new blog and keep in touch.
    Love and heartfelt condolences,
    PS Lady said she’s still saving herself for Max and said she hasn’t been chatting with Norman. I am not convinced.


  14. Hey, Tom!
    Just want you to remember you are being thought about, missed around here (BIG time), and still having condolences and good-healing-wishes sent your way.
    I popped in today to sit and look at a few photos of Max. His sweet handsome face always brings me joy. And while I was here I wanted to leave a note for you.
    (((HUGS))) ❤️

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  15. Oh my darlings.

    While I’ve been avoiding my own little art blog … for various, weirdly random reasons which I may try to write a post about (don’t worry, everything’s fine) … I have been thinking about you and our darling Max. In fact, Max is the reason I came in here to Blog-World today. I’ve been getting vibes.

    I don’t know how successful I’m going to be at the upbeat thing that you graciously (and understandably) requested, but I’m going to try. At least let me tell you how truly sorry I am.

    Just glancing up at the notes from all your friends, I hope you feel the love … and the gratitude, as well … for the stories of your and Max’s adventures and the joy and laughter which you brought to so many.

    On your choice of Max’s … uh … final resting place (that sounds better than remains, right?) … we did the same thing. I had to smile at Rowena above … our old house has a few critters from the old days tucked away in a shady spot. But as time went by we moved into the new age and boxed up our darling Sadie, the Samoyed, when it was her time … and dear Peachie the Maltese, who was Buddy’s predecessor. When we moved in 2015 we were able to bring both of them with us, and they reside in a place of honor in the “rec” room. Which sounds a bit disrespectful, come to think of it, doesn’t it?? But it’s fine. It’s more a lounge / tv / warm and cozy fireplace kind of place … which would suit them for sure. And it’s a good place to stop by and have a chat with them now and then, as well. (If you do that with Max, don’t worry, I hear it’s quite normal.)

    I sincerely hope you and the AJF are doing okay … and that the seeds of another blog are beginning to germinate in that wonderful noggin of yours!!!!! When you decide to start a new blog (sooner than later, please!), please, please send me a note and keep me updated!! I warn you … I can be relentless. Well, unless we’re talking about me keeping up with my own poor blog that is 🤣 . But I will keep looking for you.

    Sending much love.

    Sigh …


  16. Of course sodding WordPress cut me off from your blog at just the wrong moment, but let me belatedly say how glad I am that Max is keeping an eye on you both and that you have his company.
    Please alert me when you restart operations…as sodding WordPress certainly will not.


  17. Just checking in, dear ones. Was hoping to find a note from you directing us to your new blog? I’m not nagging, honestly. My own blog has ddn sitting idle for 5 months now … maybe by nudging you, I’m beginning the process of nudging myself. Actually have been out of the blog-o-sphere pretty completely these last months. Even my creative artsy stuff is suffering. All is well, just not motivated. 🙄

    Wanted to let you know, Buddy Da Dog had surgery Monday. He had a torn cruciate ligament, right rear … it’s like a human acl tear. This will be a long process for his recovery … and looks so pitiful. But he’s being a good boy … all those doggie drugs, 🥴, how can he be anything else? Well, I’m off. Stop by and say hi … and don’t forget to give me the address of your new blog.

    Miss you … and I’m sure I speak for many more folks than just little me ….

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    • Poor Buddy! He must hate being a temporary tripod. But I’m sure he has mastered the woe-is-me look to extort a fair share of the goodies whilst he recovers. I noticed you’ve been absent from the wonderful world of blogs and was hoping all was OK with you and yours. I thought of you, too, a couple of weeks ago when we were in Aspen for the leaf peeping – you’d have made some magnificent photos from there. Spectacular! No new blog from me. Like you, I have somewhat abandoned the blogosphere although I do comment and “like” on my (and Max’s) old favorites. I’ll be on the lookout for you when you start posting again. Please take care and all the best for a wonderful holiday season, even if it involves dog crutches. Scritches to B.

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      • Can’t tell you how happy I was to see your response. It’s funny about that leg of Buddy’s. Even when he was a baby going down the stairs he’d always keep that one leg up. I thought it was his way of figuring out steps! But he has continued to keep that leg up going down stairs. And it’s always been the one he raises when he .. ah .. waters the grass. So he’s unusually good being tripod-doggie. I just want it to be temporary.

        Thanks for your lovely compliment on the fall images that I post. I have put up a few new autumn images and have a couple more in the camera that may or may not lend themselves to public exhibition. We shall see.

        Now when you say “no new blog from me” … I do truly, truly hope that you only mean as of right now? But that in future (next week would be good) a new blog will surface for all your adoring fans to enjoy? If your other devotees are anything like me, we feel like we collect around a lovely sunny kitchen table, coffee cups in hand, and … fortified with laughs from you, we then visit around with each other. In other words, your blog seems to me to be a wonderful gathering place. You see the world through the lens of the ridiculous … and you have the great talent of being able to put the ridiculous into words. It’s a gift … and one which we all enjoy!

        Take care … and thanks again for staying in touch. Means the world.


  18. As usual, I’m late to the Aloha, Max party. How did I miss this news? Sad to read, but helpful as well, since Finn will be 15 soon and I’ll be facing similar choices and decisions soon enough. So thank you for writing about a difficult topic. Condolences to you and AJF. I’ve missed seeing photos of Max, and – dare I say it? – reading your snarkily humorous posts. Do find another topic to blog about, please. Take care…


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