Maxie’s Park at Christmas

Here are a few photos of the Honolulu City Lights festival, an annual event much beloved by residents. It takes place in a part of Honolulu that we call “Maxie’s Park”. This is a fascinating neighborhood, rich in history and a lovely place to stroll. Within a few blocks of […]

A Walk Down Ke’eaumoku Street

Ke’eaumoku Street defines the western boundary of the “K Streets”, the neighborhood where Max lives. The word ke’eaumoku translates in Hawaiian as “Great Heavenly Island Climber” which seems to have no relation to anything in the area. Ah, but remember that streets in Hawaii, as elsewhere, are often named after […]

Max Before & After

Today Max got his Christmas haircut from Miss Nanako at the Beauty Salon for Doggies. It could not have come any sooner; he was getting rather shaggy although truth to tell, I kind of like my little guy when he’s furry. We dropped him off and then went to see […]

Dog Vocabulary

Ichi…ni…san…shi…go. That’s how you count to five in Japanese. But around our little home you are likely to hear me saying “ichi-ni, ichi-ni, ichi-ni” from time to time and it has nothing to do with counting. That is because Max was taught that the phrase “ichi-ni” means that my wife […]

Guest Posts!

Here are posts by guest bloggers Linda Goss and Chaki Kobayashi. Linda and Chaki sent me stories for the last Blog Carnival but good old fumble fingers me mis-filed them. I’m sorry, Linda and Chaki and thanks for your stories! Enjoy. Linda Goss presents “LUCKY’S LAMENT” Chaki Kobayashi presents Poems […]

Hi-Tech Dog Communications

This morning I read an article about a team of researchers who are figuring out how to get dogs talking to humans. No kidding, these are serious smart people and their aim is to develop and deploy technology that will enable dogs to clearly communicate with all owners. The researchers […]

Blog Carnival for November 28!

Welcome to the November 28, 2013 edition of “dogs dogs dogs”! For our USA writers and readers, Happy Thanksgiving and please accept a big slice of virtual pumpkin pie from Max and me! Whipped cream on top. Thanks so much for participating, I am honored to receive your submissions and […]

Dog-Owner Personalities

According to an article in  Live Science, a study presented at the 2012 annual meeting of the British Psychological Society found that dog breeds reflect certain facets of their owners’ personalities. Toy dog owners (like moi) are said to have open personalities, are intelligent, open to new experiences and are appreciative […]

To The Rescue

It occurred yesterday during Max’s evening constitutional, a walk that takes place around 5:30PM. We were ambling along approaching an intersection near our condo when a lady on a bicycle passed and tried to make the corner. She was somewhat senior-ish (this means about my age and yes, smarty pants, […]