The Heartless Cad

Last night’s events again confirmed that I attract crazies like a black hole snatches small wandering stars. Here’s what happened: it’s about 10:30PM and I’m escorting the Malt out for his final constitutional of the day. Lovely evening, a susurration of trade breezes for which wind is too strong a descriptor; quiet enough to hear... Continue Reading →

A Walk Down Ke’eaumoku Street

Ke’eaumoku Street defines the western boundary of the “K Streets”, the neighborhood where Max lives. The word ke’eaumoku translates in Hawaiian as “Great Heavenly Island Climber” which seems to have no relation to anything in the area. Ah, but remember that streets in Hawaii, as elsewhere, are often named after famous people. So who was... Continue Reading →

Pet Friendly vs. Pet Responsible Condos

I barked at a developer the other night at the Neighborhood Board meeting about the responsibilities of being a pet friendly condominium. The project in question is the twin 46-story development at 801 South Street, site of the old Honolulu Advertiser Building. See, the project is deemed "pet friendly" which means apartment owners can have... Continue Reading →

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